The Consultation Workshop for the SDMs fund Transfer Guide (Inter-governmental Fiscal Transfer)


Hargeisa (SH)-The Consultation Workshop for the SDMs fund Transfer Guide (Inter-governmental Fiscal Transfer) held by the (LGI) Local Government Institute always talks about local government decentralization, but this today’s workshop is allocated to focus on the main two issues which is the real back born of the social development, Health and Education budget that before comes into the Municipalities’ treasure indirect not direct because that UN Agents supplementary to the Somaliland Government used especially for health and education allocation money is giving directly to both education and Health Ministries but from today all these budgets for health and education will be directly transferred to the Financial Ministry to add the national treasure budget.

This meeting of one-day discussion was organized by United Nations Agency for Mother and Child Protection (UNICEF) and therefore it was delegated into this meeting to Abdurrahman idle who spoke to his UNICEF Agency and he mentioned that this consultation meeting and he pointed out this financial guide is more different from what used to “this is activity meeting that focuses on how the SDMs fund will be transferred directly to the financial Ministry to add national treasure” Mr. Idle.

M.r Idle told before that the supplementary budget paid by the UNITED Nations is used directly to deal with Ministries and from now it will be changed and will be transferred to the central government (financial Ministry).

Mr. Said Nor is the general secretary of Hargeisa Municipality and he well endorsed this new initiative of SDMs transferring budget to the central government treasure since he was delegated to represent Hargeisa Municipality leaders, therefore he gave thanks to whom innovated this new helpful decentralization into the district societies who’s needs more to get help from both central government and the local government for their social life development “on behaving of Municipalities here am well endorsing to this Service Delivery Modifying to the Financial Ministry to add the national budget treasure”

Iid Muse Muhumed is the director of the local Government Institute (LGI) and he gave thanks to all those who participated in this one-day consultation workshop and this is what he remarked “firstly am giving you fully thanks for your coming to us to be a witness with this consultation workshop for the SDMs transfer guide” Iid Muse.

Mr. Iid Muse enlightened this consultation meeting is to focus on how this budget directly to be transferred and decentralized into the deserved areas for the social life promotions in the local districts which those Municipalities councilors were elected as legitimacy to represent both regional and districts “another main point in our consultation workshop debates will be how this transfer guide will be active from now on today to decentralize to the allocated areas for the upgrading of the social lives especially in the far districts” LGI director General Id Musa Muhumed.

Chief Aqil Mohamed Ali Dalen is the focal point for the regional and district of the JPLG and highlighted that this consultation workshop debate will be more focused on both health and education upgrading and also our debate is deep to highlight this budget transfer guide according to health and education “I see this meeting is more to focus on how the supplementary budget form the UN Agencies will be transferred into the national treasure budget” Mohamed Ali Dalen.

Abdurrazak Nakhude is the director general of the Education Ministry and he had a lecture at that consultation meeting talks and he focused on his feeling to stand on partially their budget managing for the education sector to transfer from now on today at this meeting witnessing as he lied down his remarks about that SDMs budget transferring “on behaving of the Ministry of education her am ready to announce on the spot to hand over because I want to transfer informant of you because we have only weighed but nothing benefits”  Mr. Nakhude.

Director General of Education Ministry Mr. Abdurrazak Nakhude emphasized that he will not leave the meeting unless he handed over that supplementary budget money “again am emphasizing here that I will not leave this conference unless I handed over that supplementary budget because I want to practice to exercise the decentralization we talk it always” Nakhude.The Narrator of that consultation Workshop of the SDMs Transfer Budget Mr. Kaisar





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