The Basing Steps of Making By laws of The Municipalities Take Place At Maan-soor Hotel


Hargeisa (SH)-Somaliland Interior Ministry held the drafting by laws of Municipalities those stands to establish for their local draft which is to act at all their activities as local administration and designation authorities.

At least 40 councilors of all Somaliland regional Municipalities headed by each mayor, region, and two or three Councilors are anticipating that two days training meeting that is facilitated by Abdi-Samad Omar Amaan who’s fellow solicitors, as early open stage preaching has taken by some figures like the Berbera Mayor Abdishakor Idin and the Las-and Mayor Abdi-Rahim Ali Ismail and the regional coordinator head Chief Caaqil Mohamed Ali Dalin whole spoke closely remarks and each has emphasized the indispensability of that basing law making.

“you have full authorization power which already the constitution gives you to dominate all educational schools and Hospitals to equipped and have managed their employees” the Facilitator Abdi-samad Amaan. Also in the debate, there were very useful brine storming remarks that related that an act of that basing laws for example Abdurrahman Mohamoud the vice Mayor of Erigabo told a wonderful story that had happened in Burao town that Burao Mayor Mr. Abdurrasak Ibrahim Abdi has issued some of the town roads to be re-opened to rebuild but the Governor has banned that Mayor’s Authority and he pointed out that is very constitutional law and he suggested to the facilitator to give training interior Ministry and the governors before the councilors, to minimize the constitutional laws.

“You Solicitor what I want to tell is that a somehow confusion in that our basing laws between Municipalities and the central government Authorities for example recently the Burao Mayor has issues that some local roads to be re-opened to re-prepare for new rebuilding but a, fortunately, the governor of Burao has issued immediately banning order yet that re building’s roads is banning and because am saying you have to give training to those Interior Ministry and the governors before you training us” Erigabo Vice Mayor.

while during that solicitor’s facilitating also there was in discussion between the facilitator and those councilors “first it will carefully read word by word and then it will be returned to the interior Ministry to double check and later it will be returned to the general Solicitor if it’s applied to the Somaliland constitution and later it will be passed to the Parliaments” Councilor Saed U dhay.

On the other hand, he emphasized that all weakness and irresponsibility coming from those MP counselors who are fully exercising and enjoying the people’s votes and yet made no loan return to whom voted for them and they claim they are their representatives on the chairs ” it don’t make sense always to debate nothing born meetings and for example that 33 Billion which is written on this basic step book we the councilors we know nothing about where it lied and who managed” Saed U dhay added that.

  MP U dhay suggested that before all Municipalities criticize the central government it to make corrections among their inside administration Municipalities and fully practiced for what they were elected “I would like to Enlighted to you as MP councilors your duties are not to criticize other institutions and the central government officials but its to understand what is your delegating on the seats because I see that all these suffering problems are in our jobs and our responsibilities, therefore, please let us correct our political role” he closed his remarks.





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