The Second Day of the Governance sector 1st quarter meeting Closed At Maan-soor Hotel


Hargeisa (SH)- The second-day workshop words to sub-sectors of the Governmental institutions according to the NDP3 schedules following yesterday’s lectures in which different rank officials presented their feeling related to each sector or institution strategy planning and the administration decentralization start point from the regional to districts.

This sector day two was chaired by Justice Minister Suleiman Warsame Gulaid along with security deputy of interior Abdullah Hussein sitting with members of sub directors some of those directors had presented their institutional inside plans to apply with that NDP3 those sectors presented at the stage information ministry and constitution and parliament linkage were amongst.

Information Ministry pointed out in its slide presentation that it is waging a new and contemporary digital and broadcasting airing system and building of new theater which will be part of this NDP3 development.

Justice Minister told that history is written to replay itself what had been done and what has been done and therefore as am speaking of justice of Ministry we already prepared our NDP3 schedule and later on will present within a big ceremony “always history written to playback and shows its historical events and therefore we the Justice Ministry already we wrote and prepared our inside strategic plans according to this NDP3 development and we will hold a big ceremony to present our strategic on this NDP3” Minister Suleiman.

Khalid Mire Noh is the newly appointed to be director of the CIVIL Service Institute firstly he gave thanks that he was fellow those who mainly prepared that NDP2 and he made a good endorsement to this meeting outcome at the end of this day two meeting talks “firstly am giving thanks to the Almighty Allah that I was fellow those who prepared the second phase of NDP and now on this NDP3 we are scheduling to make upgrading for potential skills to the civil servant” Khalid Mire.

Justice delegator was behaving in the planning department of the Justice Ministry and he highlighted a lot of good points which was relating to their domain activity ties for example he told that the Justice Ministry is willing to re-innovate the judiciary system, especially prisons, and enabled those are in the jails to have their full justice procedure “we have here a lot of clusters in our in strategic plans “we are planning a lot of judiciary clusters to be made change including to the prisons and even prisoners to be enabled to get full justice and verdict” Mohamed Abdi.

Yasin Mohamed Abdi is the Human rights commissionaire planning department officer and he detailed a good deeds relating to the human rights but he mentioned that they have no public trusts and therefore need to get the public trusts to enhanced their mandatory domain areas ” we have no public trusts to enhance our mandatory domain engagement and therefore we need to have get public trusts among in our engaging areas” Yasin Mohamed.

Hassan Ahmed Yusuf is was behaving of the foreign Ministry and he presented in a detailed slides what foreign ministry does and he mentioned there is a miss trust for the foreign ministry and therefore a number ministries tried to have their own relation side for example he told one of ministries contacted directly to another foreign countries without noticing with the foreign ministry which stands for the international foreign affairs and to to pass by any other governmental sectors that needed to have another country’s relationship is to come to with the foreign ministry affairs and discussed with its propose needs want to connect that foreign ministry affairs.

“on behaving of ministry of foreign affairs here i am sharing with you that there are a miss trust of in our government sectors to the ministry of foreign affairs which stand to connect whole of Somaliland need to the other international foreign ministries but you can see some our ministries are flying for their own side to another foreign countries to create with that foreign affairs mutual connection while it was first to pass the foreign ministry and consult with their needs to that foreign countries and am telling you true that if they not give up that behavior those ministries acting way of that dealing they will be banned to fly from our airports” Hassan Ahmed Yusuf.

Mohamoud Abdi Elimi is the head of budget preparatory at the financial development and he highlighted his presentation relating to national financial budget and that there were no budget divest according to last year’s rate circulation and also he mention that cooperation with the World Ban to the financial and development ministry helped the increasing of the Somaliland yearly budget schedules.

Abdifatah Ali habane also was behaving of the good government and quality control agency and he pointed out that after 30 years yet there are miss pointing to the way civil servants are selecting for employment and came in their offices without right person and without right position and he remarked “here i would like to remember the Civil Service Institute more to digest and do well and professional selection for their employment way” Abdifatah Ali.

Hassan Mohamed Ali was delegated from the Auditory department and he told that their domain areas are circulation and yearly budgeting assessing and 2.complaiments and over seeing and monitoring to the way as legally budgets are spent.


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