Governance sector 1st quarter meeting held by the Interior Ministry


Hargeisa (SH)- Hargeisa (SH)-Ministry of interior held the Governance sector 1st quarter meeting, that many official rank government sectors level of directorial level participated led by security interior vice Minister Abdullahi Hussein, information Minister Suleiman Ali Kore, and a number of government directors.

At the opening information, Minister Ali Kore had the first preach on the stage and he talked about this meeting’s indispensability according to the national planning on the NDP3 schedule which already had been waging its phase 1 and 2 and is now in its third party, but the information Minister Mr. Kore fully and detailed he talked about the recent conflict sized between Somaliland and the British news agency BBC which lastly Somaliland decided to close both BBC news and BBC media action offices.

Mr. Kore told that for a long time Somaliland was not happy with how BBC aired its news broadcasting in Somaliland and when he took the office and before Somaliland had suffered from that BBC partiality and this is what he remarked “since you are aware the recent conflict between Somaliland Government and the British Broadcasting Cooperation which caused all BBC narration offices to be close by Somaliland police forces and this is what he had remarked “since you are the intellectual and educators  of the country you have not that is said by Suleiman Cali Kore but you have to say that is said by Somaliland” he  meant that words the decision that BBC operation office closed is not reach alone himself but it was Somaliland authority decision to close BBC operation office in Somaliland.

“That conflict was raising since i took the the office on information and even before i came blaming and the suffering were raising before between the way of information airing in Somaliland and bias system by the BBC and that is the core of the conflict between Somaliland and the BBC closing operational office.

” we gave warning to the BBC to stop in bias airing news in Somaliland and for example you know Somaliland has 97% voted its constitution to separated from the rest of Somalia and therefore we need nothing recognition from BBC but our argument is to call us our name as Somaliland Government” he added.

Abdullah Hussein is the security deputy Minister and he highlighted that Somaliland security currently is keeping up to date security level this moment and he told that neighborhood nations like Ethiopia and Somalia are dealing with flaming war conflicts and for example he pointed out the in going fating between Somali insurgent Alshabab and the Somali region of Ethiopia ” you know what is going in our neighborhood countries like Somalia and Ethiopia war and flaming conflicts and the Somali insurgent Alshabab had waged attacks on Ethiopia Somali region which currently is going on and therefore sometimes i may self say Somaliland is like a small Archipelago locating in flaming ocean therefore we all to be alerted and vigilant for the national security” Abdullah Hussein deputy security Minister at the interior Ministry.

Liban Ismail is the head of the good governing agency and he told as agency they are willing to fulfill all NDP1-2 and 3 schedules, also Madam Deqa Abdi is the director general at the constitution and the parliaments linkage and she well endorsed this meeting dialogue ” on behaving of may Ministry here am fully thanking to may planning director and others for their always fully and keeping participating to those NDP2-NDP3 discussions” Deqa Abdi.

also there were questions raised by those anticipators and answers from those being questioning like the immigration officer Abdi-Shakur Abdullah Osman whos his department was the most interesting presentation sectors at the meeting.

Professor Mohamoud Hussein Farah is a Consultor at the interior Ministry briefed that the good government will not be acted unless good law gained and professionally practiced ” here we are talking about the good government and am telling you to get good government it depends first to get what is known good law and without that good law we will not get good government” Mohamoud Farah.




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