Civic Education and Community Engagement Training Focus on Citizenship Rights


Hargeisa (SH)-Civic Education and Community Engagement Training Focus on Citizenship Rights and responsibilities, Public participation in Decision making, good governance, and accountability held by JPLG under the Interior Ministry at Maan-soor Hotel That training is participating some of the regional Municipalities like Marodijeh, Borama, Burao, Barbara and Gabiley.

That Civic and education training on the citizenship has gathered that regional Municipality’s Councilors, and secretors of Municipalities and before begun all the agendas and the guideline in that training way forwards there was a short briefing detail which was highlighting the how the agendas will be following while the training is going on at today and the coming two days.

Osman Mohamed Sheikh is the Burao Municipality secretary and he first flour talking and the agendas briefing and this is what he remarked “first we giving thanks to the Interior Ministry for its inviting us all the 8 districts councilors, and their secretors because such like this trip and sharing training discussion will be enabled us father experience and more potential views will be exchanged among us” Osman Mohamed Sheikh Osman nor.

The Marodijeh Municipality secretary Mr. Said Nor told that Civic Education and citizenship rights is their daily tasks priorities but only what they need is skill up grading and sharing the new prioritization outlines which is touching the domain of Municipality sectors “on behaving of Marodijeh District Municipality really i am welcoming this tree days meeting hope will share a lot positive ideas during our discussion and debates” Said Nor.

Mr. Nor mentioned that the rights and the duties comes after all citizens recognized what they have a rights and what they own performing and that is his hoping that this training lessons will more digest and clearly will point out all that ” as you aware all we are responsible for our society those we are representing them therefore its duty on us to learn what they own us to lead them and serve their social needs including their civic rights” Said Nor.

The general secretary of Hargeisa Municipality Mr. Said Nor appealed from the interior Ministry to relocate the coming trainings to the far regions to give more experiences to those Marodijeh councilors and earned father knowledge ” also what i would like to appeal from the interior Ministry to relocate the up coming trainings into the far regions to enabled us to earn more experiences bot environmentally and the societally” Said Nor.

Mss. Fartoun was be having of UNICEF the big donor of this JPLG projects and he had here feeling about that JPLG and its decentralization objectives and also she urged those Councilors and secretaries to bear in mind that no furitable decentralization unless accountability and clear transparent are existing in any institution either its a Municipality or the central government, therefore she suggested to those whole Municipalities either Councilors, Secretaries and Mayors to bear in mind unless transparent and accountability clearly exercised that authority decentralization will not applied” Fartoun.

Abdurrashid Hersi is the general director for the interior Ministry and he committed that all Municipalities’ Councilors, secretaries and their Mayors already have some concepts about the civic rights and and the tasks decentralization in generally but the missing points are the clear obligation performance and the professionalism skills which surrounding to the social needs plans ” i thing that all councilors, Secretaries and their Mayors already have some concept about that civic education and the civic rights but what is missing from us is to have a clear planning guidelines into what we doing because we have mange a big budgets which is more than the central government yearly budget” director General.

“again I may share with you that civil rights are a major point which needs to be stood on slowly and look after its concepts, therefore, all-district societies have own us their social developments and because unless we develop their social service we will not gain from them good taxation and if we serve them accurately and made cover their needs than they we will get more taxation” Abdurrashid Hersi Ali.

After podium preaches there was a slide documents that facilitated by Mr. Mustafa and Abdurrasak whom both are facilitators of that 3 days training outlines and their slide  presentation which all participators were seeing paying fully attention listing that slides facilitated by Professor Mustafa Mohamed Abdullahi (Alkhaliili)


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