Consultation Meet for The First Draft of National Private Partnership Policy and Act


Hargeisa (SH)-Ministry of Investment and industry development held the first consultation draft of the National Public-private Partnership Policy and Act at Maan-soor Hotel, in which high-rank officials from the Government led by the director-general of investment Ministry Mohamed Osman (Somali) Minister of finance Sa’ad Ali Shire, Mohamoud Abokor Minister of whole activities, commercial vice Minister Mr. Musa and rest gusts.

At the opening, the director-general Mohamed Osman initiated the aim of that meeting and the main objectives that led to the holding of this consultation and he interpreted that this is following the national development planning act which was held two months before at Ambassador Hotel “this national consultation meeting is following by the national development planning meeting which was held at Ambassador Hotel months ago and fully detailed documents were presented including this PPP schedule and that is we are holding this consultation meeting” director general Mr. Somali.

The director-general told that his Ministry made a big inclusive into this PPP to give chance for more different figures to be included and for everyone to be in that draft and he remarked “we made this PPP consultation Act wide and too inclusive for all individuals and because each of us to see he or she himself in this PPP consultation Act” Director general Mohamed Osman Saeed (Mohamed Somali)

Also, Mr. Somali told that the discussion will be surrounded deeply and profoundly by the draft act “today our discussion will be focusing on the PPP in detail and tomorrow same we will be on the draft act and hopefully it will fruitfully result” MR. Somali.

Head of the PPP Yahye Hussein has presented beautiful slides that express the contents of this PPP and its main points, Ahmed Abokor the outgoing director-general who was designated days before also flattered this investment Ministry initiative.Jama Musa Jama had his words at that meeting and he consulted with that its a too necessary all parties to be invited into this draft meeting to have wide views.

Also Mr. Fuad Rashiid Bullo had a useful presentation at the event in which he detailed relating to that PPP decentralization that participants were seeing as they were admiring his oratory presentation slides.

Musa Gulaid is the newly appointed to the quality control chairman and he shortly briefed that this PPP is his domain areas which he knows more and having positive views “am new in this political sector but its my professional job and i am keen on to have my words at this useful discussion” Musa Gulaid.

Musa Salaf is the vice Minister at the commercial Ministry and he expressed his deeply feeling on this consultation meeting of the Public Private Partnership discussion ” i would to add my view that its to coined all drafts before the institution coined because of making institution without law or stepping follow constitution it makes nothing and am giving here to may thankful to the investment Minister and the director general for their initiated this valuable initiative project of the PPP Act” Musa Self.

Sa, ad Ali Shire is the financial development and also member of the PPP decentralization committee and told that on behaving of his financial Ministry he is feeling too pleased to be invited this useful meeting and he detailed that PPP and how it works in the contemporary countries development “this PPP is wide works in the contemporary countries development and for example, it divides into different parties one is government and the private sector will shares making the project to gather and the second will be only for the Government and the third will be only for the private sector but when they finished they will overhand to the Government but not leaved it for the Government but the private sector will be monitored on to how that project is done by the Government” Sa’ad Ali Shire.

Abdullahi Abokor is the whole activities, Ministry and also a member of that PPP decentralization committee and he mostly followed Sa’adi,s views according to the domains that he talked about in the Public-Private Partnership rules and this is what he had remarked “it’s widely used PPP in the contemporary world like Canada, Britain, Japan, Australia and Malaysia, and all those countries successfully done it” Sa’ali Shire.

Abdullahi Abdurrahman Aare is the investment and industrial development Ministry and he did a lot of quotes at the stage podium that related to that consultation meeting and how long his domination office was involved since he pointed out as Minister to make researches before it is presented such like today “Here I am welcoming you all to this valuable meeting discussion and also am happy to hear your feedback on this meeting” that was the preached remarks by the Minister Mr. Aare.

On the other hand, he mentioned that all stakeholders were invited to attend this consultation meeting to have their views with those who already came into the meeting “am telling you that our taskforce team has already invited those we saw they are the main stakeholders of this PPP consultation planning” The Minister.

“And we want to deeply and detailed analysis based on the current ongoing projects and the social needs how both the government and the private sector can hold to gather making the touchable development sectors” he added. Mr. Aare mentioned that the draft articles are on the verge of being finished and then will submit to the Ministry council meeting “also what I would like to share with you is that the draft of this PPP Act is almost finished and we will submit it to the Ministry council meeting then they will sing and later will be active soon”

The Minister told that the main point is that this consultation meeting to be questioned and then gave their responses since this project policy is sharable both Government, Public and the Private sectors “the main target on this PPP decentralization and all to be inclusive and participated and all stakeholders” Minister Aare.

Also, I would like to share some highlights that the World Bank quoted about this PPP its rules here it’s 1- that Government has enough budget and did all social livelihoods and second is that projects are shared by both Government and the Private Sector and manage it to gather and third is that all to be done by the private and then handed over to the Government but private sector has its own monitoring  to the Government tasks”

That is the end of phase day one and the day two tomorrow all delegates are noted to come early and take their seats by the 8:00 PM sharp and the tomorrow’s schedule will be on the draft discussion.


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