Expanding Access To Justice And Justice Stakeholders Constitution Meeting


Hargeisa (SH)-Just that meeting is focused on the justice and the social equality as the administration members gave briefed at the stage podium Chairman of the Adam Academy Mr. Khadar Jirde And Yosof Suldan the director of the Adam Academy and they told that those who supported this justice development and the equality of Social issues like USAID and others “here we giving thanks to those USAID and others for there supports to this justice and the equality in the societies of the whole nations and especially to those leaving in Somaliland” Yosof Suldan Godaad.

Khadar Jirde is the director of Adam Academy Organization and he told that a lot of justice issues and the human equality and more flattered to his organization’s efforts to what they did for the human equality and how Somaliland society could be gain same and equal opportunities “we the Adam Academy we are existing to empower the justice and the equality and that also a lot of activities is donning and rest will be done by us at the coming sessions” Khadar Jirde.

Also, the director of Adam Academy Mr. Khadar Jirde told that this project which is done by them not need to be waged in short term but needs to be waged over a long period like a year or more than that, because whenever the main project started its activities and yet needs to go ahead as to fulfill its gold aim it may be swiftly faced obstacles of cut off funds and that is maybe interrupted the waging project activities ” I would like to consult with our donors and other sup…

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Mahdi Osman Buri is the vice justice Minister and he had his feeling remarks at that Adam Academy stage talks he told both those who participated and others to bear in mind that they are not minorities but they violating buy the rest of Somalis “really am telling you we are nor minority but we are in against and we are violating in our rights” Mahdi Osman Buri.



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