NDP111 Cross Cutting Meeting Themes of Consultation Held By the Ministry of Planning


Hargeisa (SH)-The Ministry of planning and national development held the national consultation meeting at Maan-soor Hotel, in which at least 100 people participated led by the Vice-Minister Mr. Ahmed Hassan, director of the family and the social affairs Abdurrashid Ibrahim, and the planning department director and also head of this NDP3 smoothness.

Mahdi Sheikh Omar is one of the planning experts’ staff and he was narrating the meeting talks on the stage he exposed the aim of that meeting and that there were many meetings held before this meeting and a lot of issues were exchanged and this is following those era meetings.

Mr. Mahdi handed over the microphone to the planning depart head, Mr. Hassan Hussein, to give the father a brief about that meeting and inside details which is related to those era meetings of the national development issues and he told that this meeting is the ending of the National Development Planning (NDP3) and this is what he remarked “today we are honor to welcome all of you both Governmental officials or other partners either International or local they are to share with you about this NDP 3 meeting which is part of the many like this meeting that is the ending that NDP3” Hassan Hussein.

“High level Consultation Meeting with Development Partners Regarding National Development Plan-111 Cross Cutting Themes” that was one of that meeting themes”

Also Mr. Hassan told that there were 5 sub clusters in which each cluster holds another main clusters that each cluster or sub issues were based under that NDP111 schedules and this is what he again remarked when he was talking about that ” in our under this schedules there are 5 main clusters which each has its main sub clusters and all are applied with this NDP111 schedules” Hassan Hussein sub director of the planning department.

Ahmed Hasan (Taajir) is the vice Planning and development Ministry and he officially opened that consultation meeting and he have shortly mentioned that this meeting is very important in accordance with its main touch angles and he ordered to those participants to make brain storm and deeply digested a lot relating to this domain “a lot has been said and our expert of staff members are here with you and you to gather to make success about this NDP111” Vice Minister.

Abdurrashed Ibrahim is the social Affairs,s Ministry director and he was amongst those been invited into this consultation meeting and he had his words at the stage and he told that he is feeling with full endorsement to this NDP111 schedules and he added that his Ministry partially does these five clusters mentioned above ” we the the social work affairs,s Ministry glad to be here today and share with you our feeling how were are happy what is being exposing here by the national Planning and the development and because partially we do these 5 clusters” he said.



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