Barako Handicup Launched The Motherland Gift And Inspiration Return of The Disability


Hargeisa (SH)-A barako Handicap disability organization held the encouragement and the saving the disability people at Maan-soor Hotel, where many indigenous have gathered led by blind activist groups Abdurrahman dheere the disability issues consultant with the Somaliland President and Saed Mohamoud Hussein Juun (Saed Indhool) and the chairman Women of that Barako organization Madam Khadra Wiiwaa and lot of disability figures along with the director of the social welfare and family Ministry Abdurrashid Ibrahim.

Ate the opining stage microphone Hassan Ahmed Yosof (af-gaab )had the welcome note words and he enthusiastically endorsed all side who have been gathered at that ceremony launch.


Abdurahman Dheere the disability consulting with President Musa Bihi Abdi told that he and the President each of them is holding his own responsibility according to there positions and the mentioned that they work to gather for the Somaliland people ” me and the President have our own responsibilities for the Somaliland people and am very declivous my own duties and i hope that i do well and transparently my job” that that Aburrahman dheere.

Another anticipator from diaspora who has a lot of experiences with like this disability issues told that he new when he was in the westren countries a two serious disability brothers whom used to urine with standing up for their serious problems but later on when they got rehabilitation and good trainings now they got marriage and managing well for their life styles ” i new two disability brothers whom have been leaving more and serious problems with their disabilities and sometime they used to urine standing up but after they got helpful and trainings they lastly got marriage and now they are families”


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