Consultation Workshop on Strategic Plan Development 2022/2026 Held By SL Human Rights Commissionaire


Hargeisa (SH)-Somaliland Run state office of Human Rights (SLHRC) held a Consultation workshop on Somaliland Human Rights Commissionaire’s strategic plan development at Maan-soor Hotel that gathered multi rank officers either Government officials led the head of that commissionaire chairman Mohamed Baroud, vice-chairperson Madam Waris Ali the director of that office Abdisamad, Mawlid from the solicitor office other honorable gusts including the local NGOs and head of the UNPOS office Somaliland Mr. Sia Mawalla Human Rights Officer (UNSOM)

At the open stage talks, the vice-chairperson of the SLHRC Madam Waris Hajji Dirie told that it’s very important for her to hold this strategic mission in the coming 5 years from 2022 to the 2026 “it’s too important for us to come with us in this two days meeting” Vice-chairperson Madam Waris Hajji Dirie.

Mawlid Abdi Musa is the Marodijeh region Solicitor chairman and also is the closest partner with the SLHRC he flattered them for their commitment and hard work for their domain areas as it’s the Human rights equality and preventing any kind of valances to the human souls “on behaving of our Solicitor office am very happy with this office activities and we too endorsing their strategy plan at the coming five years” Mawlid Abdi Musa.

Mrs. Sia Mallawa is the head office of UNSOM in Somaliland and she briefly pointed out that this strategic plan of 2022-2026 is one of the signs of the well-working organization and also she told that her office is ready to continue their close working to that SLHRC “we the UNPOS are very closely working with this Human Rights office and we will work with them closely at that five year’s plan activities” Sia Mallawa.

Abdisamad Saad is the director-general of that commissionaire office and he told that this two days meeting will mainly focus on the domain of their work areas “this two days meeting we will mainly be focused on our coming year plan activities and hope more it will enlighten clear strategic plan for the Somaliland human rights office development” Abdisamad Sa’ad director-general of the SHRC.

On the other hand, the director mentioned that every organization has its wings and their close wings are those human rights organizations who are closely working with their office “we are not working alone but we have wings and our wings that we fly are those our close partners who work with us on this human rights equality and justice issues either they are local or they are internationally led by the United Nation’s Human rights UNSOM which Human rights issues do their works under that UNSOM office” Abdisamad Sa, ad.

Mohamed Baroud Ali is the chairman of the Somaliland Human rights Commissionaire office and he told that the organization is the habit of the well-being organization and also life cannot be smoothly gone without organizing, therefore his office’s strategic plan for the coming five years is one of their productive culmination to words their willing done activities with accurately and professionally “ as habitually human lives cannot stand alone without organizing hand have clear cut plans for its ahead culmination and as we are the SHRC we call you today to set with us and see our 5 year’s strategic plan activities” Chairman Mohamed Baroud Ali.

“Life is needed to have clear and straightforward objectives which guide it to the straight direction of the development” he added. And he figured out that there are a lot of human rights organizations either locally or internationally they do and we work with both of them closely” Mohamed Baroud Ali chairman of the SHRC office.

Mr. Baroud had enlightened that the smooth tightness and well organizing teach you to know more surrounding your domain areas weakens and then you will correct all weak areas since you have lent a lot needs to upgrade and bush up along with what has been done smoothness for your organization and what your organization failed and you will know for what reason it missed”

On the other hand, the chairman told that this strategic plan is teaching them to study those human rights organizations with those doing well in their domain areas and those failed to do well performance “this two-days meeting discussion will teach us to clarify those do well and accurately for their human rights domains and also those failed to do so” chairman of SHRC.

At the end of that section on the first day, there were slide documents that SHRC directors exposed at the stage podium which carries more related to that SHRC domain activities either what has been done and what is in their culmination circles.


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