The Support Women in the Small Business Affected by the COVID-19 Held at Maan-soor Hotel


Hargeisa (SH)-In partnership with Nafis Network Plan International Supported, Female business owners who have been impacted by COVID-19. The Women were selected from the Self Help Group according to their vulnerability, SHG is an informal Association of poor communities having a common objective of working to gather for their economic and social development with current members of 23106, and the Funds came from the UK Public through the DEC Coronavirus appeal.

l Network for the FGM eradication of NAFIS Network held the Support Women in the small business affected by the COVID-19 at Maan-soor Hotel which gathered  90 local Women who’ve been selected from the self Help Group program which stands under the umbrella of 23106 members of local Women in Somaliland regions Self Help Group (SHG) especially those have been economically affected by the Covid -19 are duly to upgrade their affected of small business and each of those 90 Women will be given $500 by Plan International and Nafis Network.

That program ceremony was preciously organized and many have participated including the Plan International country director Sadia Allin and the director of Nafis Network Abdurrahman Osman Gas, the director of Social Family and the affairs Abdurrashid Ibrahim, director of the Commerce Ministry, and the rest of gust rank officials who were delegated from their institutions.

At the ceremony, the open preaches director of Nafis Network Abdurrahman Gas had the welcome note remarks, and he told that this Women’s support announcement program is willing to make life changes for those who have gained the above-mentioned amount of Dollars with their families and he said “today we are here to expose the affected local Women in Marodijeh region of small donations which first answered by the Plan International and we saying thank you Plan International for your quick positive responding” director of Nafis Network Abdurrahman Gas.

Alongside that, he mentioned that this business support is not a new one but it’s the existed of small businesses that were affected by the both COVID-19 and the fire of the Waaheen marked and giving details this is what he had remarked again “I would like to enlightens that these businesses we are giving support are those have been existing but are not new once”

Prolonging his details he urged those who gained this small donation more to make upgrades for their re-innovation business and bear in mind they will be monitored and evaluated assessment for how each of them used their small donation “am telling you more to be aware and active managers to your these small donations and because there will be monitoring to you how you spent your supported money and if you managed accurately this phase one project others might get like you helping” Nafis director Mr. Gas.

Madam Sadia Allin is the head of mission at the  Plan International and she highlighted that here Plan International were waging since last two years for giving support like this kind of Women helping project and now this is for her office pleasure be the first responder of this helping project “since last two years plan International have been waging such like this of small helping (SHG)Women programs and this helping Covid affected of small business is partially our engaged programs but this time it comes with the seriously damaged economy of the local Women by burning off the Waaheen market existing the era affecting of that horrifying of the pandemic Covid-19”

While she was enlightened how only 90 were selected from 21000 thousand of the local Women she told that they cannot reach all of them but these 90 were luckily won to be given and this is what she told “I know that we cannot give all of Self Help Group Women but those were randomly selected luckily won to be selected form that huge number and saying to you, you to have doubled your efforts to how you can actively manage your small business instead of at the coming future to earn a lot and make new change your family lives” Sadia Allin Plan International head mission in Somaliland.

Mrs. Allin told that those Women are needed to be trained also how they can benefit from the usage of the new technology because more Women are dealing with problems with the Mobile usage and because of that reason they more needed to be given awareness of how mobiles are used and e-money can be sent and receives money“ also my suggestion to words our local Women knowledge more of them doesn’t know how they use their mobiles especially when it comes to the sending the E-money and give back to response” Mrs. Allin.

“When you visited the local markets you can see that more saying to you Mamo could you please help me to guide me how I can send money and give back a response in my mobile usage, therefore, they need to be given training” she added that. The head of Plan International mission Madam Sadia Allin told also before they aided 30 of local Women and also 60 Women such like this will be given hand for their small business ” before we gave support 30 small Women business and at the coming time, 60 others will be helped by our Plan International” Sadia Allin.

Halimo Gas was one of those who succeeded and also she was behaving of those who helped Women she told that before being given hand by Nafis truly they were knowing nothing about what business is but now they are cleavers and knows how their local business can be managed “on behaving of those 90 won Women really before Nafis trained us we knew nothing about what business is but thanks to the Almighty Allah today we are cleavers and know-how business can be managed and thanks to the both Nafis Network and the Plan International for their helping us” Madam Halimo Gas.

Hamza Mohamed Gulaid is the director-general of the commercial Ministry and he had short remarks on the stage and talked about the local Women’s economy and their circumstances after both Covid 19 and the recent fire of the Hargeisa Market and also he mentioned that his Ministry is more concerning with them relating to this issues and promised that they will be part from now on how a lot can be shared by with those involving this helping Women project  “here I am fully giving thanks to those Nafis and the Plan International for their helping engagement our affected economically Women by they Pandemic Covid-19 and the also the fired of the Hargeisa Market” Hamza Gulaid the director of the Commerce Ministry”

Abdurrashid Ibrahim Abdi is the director-general of the Family and Social Affairs Ministry and he preached positively welcomed this valuable project and flattered more those Nafis Network and the Plan International for their helping those vulnerable local Women and he mentioned that it’s his pleasure to be invited with this donation ceremony and said “it’s not easy all most 90 Women to be given for a hard time and I am saying to those Nafis and Plan International we are very happy to your actions words to this helpful donation for this time that we know both Covid affection and the market burning lives of those vulnerable families” director-general of the Molsa (Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs) Abdurrashid Ibrahim Abdi.

“As Ministry of labor and the Social Affairs, it is our pleasure to be here and am very positively endorsing this potential donation ceremony meeting that we giving small business helping” he added. And he also mentioned that the market burning was a major disaster according to its leaved causations on the lives of the Marodijeh region residents “the Hargeisa Waaheen Market burning left huge causations on the local society especially those were holding goods and the other materials which burned in the market” Abdurrashid Ibrahim director-general of Molsa.

On the other hand, Mr. Abdurrashid told the participants that his Ministry Molsa also is currently is engaging partially helping 90 vulnerable Women in the Marodijeh region once again it is very delicious that Women be helped and I am telling you that Government also is engaging in helping of 100 families such like this” he closed his remarks.

And at the conclusion, only 4 Women were given their USD 500 checks on the ceremony stage while the rest of the Women were noticed their checks are ready at the nearest Somtel station and collect their money by sending E-Dahab service “here I will trace only 4 Women names to whom directly we will hand over their checks on the stage and others will directly go to the nearest Somtel station and collect their money sending by E-Dahab numbers” the narrator of that event Mrs. Hibo Mohamoud Abdi Ali. And here are the names of those 4 Women who were given at the podium and they are as below.

  1. Maryam Ahmed Jama
  2. Kowsar Ali Ahmed
  3. 3-Saado Qaalib Ahmed
  4. 4-Nimco Ibrahim Ali


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