Al-wahyein Umbrella Held Its 9 of the Holy Ramadan Contest At Maan-soor Hotel


Hargeisa (SH)-The Holy Qur’an of Wahyein Umbrella held a tight contest of the memorizing of the Holy Qur’an, Sunnah, and the correction readings of the Tajwid including the rest of the religious points, Al-Wahyein has been coined years ago, and since that it gained at least 90 schools of Qur’anic centers and yearly it held like this qur’anic and Tajwid contesting.

Abdurrahman Shire is the coiner of this Al-wahyein Umbrella in 2006 when he graduated with his first degree at the University of Hargeisa and from that time up to now, Al-wahyeyn is holding at least 30’000 thousand students of Madrasas schools in the whole of Somaliland regions as it was quoted by Abdurrahman Shire at the opening time ” today we came here to hold the round 2 of our usually Ramadan Holy Qur’an competition and today it’s only for the girls and like that boys’ Competition will be here tomorrow” Abdurrahman Shire.

This Wahyein Ramadan Contest was it’s 9-year-old This contest has already done around 1 contest in which 286 young teenagers of both boys and girls were anticipated, and now in round 2 86 students are contesting and each candidate is given randomly different verses of Aayaad and Sunnah of the prophet.

This time of Ramadan Contesting is chaired by the different Sheiks selected from the Marodijeh region while those candidate students were voluntarily evacuated by the transport and logistic local firm of Supper which also will take back those students from the far regions none Marodijeh to their homes later on after the contest finished.

The miracle and the wonder are that each candidate was examined reading indifferently 3 places of the Holy Qur’an and the Al-Jazaria book which stands to the correction of the Holy Qur’an and mostly they were reading with melody voices which made in the stage event freighted and calm.

on the other hand, the arbitrators were given notice if any candidate makes wrong and quickly the candidate student used to re-correct whatever its and those today’s Contesters were only 13 girls whose were Contesting 30 Juz of the Holy Qur’an and 13 girls whose were Contesting the Juz of the Holy Qur’an ,while the boys’ Contest will be tomorrow at this same place of Maan-soor Hotel if Allah wills and the results of whose won to the whole 30 juz of Holy Qur’an and 15 Juz will be announced by these Qur’an memorized teachers day after tomorrow.

Names of 30 Contesters.

Names of the Contesters in the 30 Juz

1.Najah Ali Osman

2.Faiza Sheikh Khadar Mohamed

3. Asia Mohamed Mohamoud

4.Najma Ali Mohamed

5.Hayad Hassan Mohamed

6-Asma Abdi Ali

7.Deeqa Mahomoud Jama

8. Sumaya Nor Elmi

9.Kawther Mohamed Mohamoud

10. Nasra Xiis Omar

11. Khawla Abdullahi Gure

12. Asma Adan Abiib

13. Safa Ismail Abdullahi.


Names of the 15 Juz Contesters

1.Isra Abdurrazak Mohamed

2. Masna Hareer Ali Yosuf

3.Safa Ibrahim Hussein Yosuf

4.Isra Ahmed Abdullahi Abdi

5. Marwa Abdusalam Hassan Omar

6. Hamda Khadar Mohamoud Mohamed

7. Safa Said Ali Osman

8.Mariam Ridwan Osman Mohmaed

9.Marwa Mohamed Iese Jama

10.Marwa Ahmed Abdi Omar

11.Maha Khadar Abdi Omar

12. Marwa Ali Haibe Dubad

13. Nimca Suleiman Ahmed Duale



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