Ukraine: Red Cross plans new attempt at Mariupol evacuation


Ukraine: Red Cross plans new attempt at Mariupol evacuation — live updates

The International Committee of the Red Cross will make a fresh attempt to reach Mariupol on Saturday after its evacuation buses and aid trucks had to turn back on Friday. DW has the latest.


Mariupol, in southern Ukraine, has been under attack by Russian forces for weeks

  • Red Cross will try again to evacuate civilians from Mariupol

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More than 3,000 from Mariupol brought to safety: Zelenskyy

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said more than 6,000 people have been led to safety through humanitarian corridors in the regions of Donetsk, Lugansk and Zaporizhzhia, with around half of them being from the besieged city of Mariupol.

“We have managed to rescue 6,266 people, including 3,071 people from Mariupol,” he said in a video address early on Saturday.

It was not immediately clear whether those from Mariupol had been evacuated from the city or had managed to escape on their own previously.

Mariupol has suffered almost constant bombardment from Russian forces, leaving residents there largely without water, food or power.

Ukraine: Dangerous escape from war-destroyed Mariupol

Russian troops reportedly withdrawn from Hostomel Airport: British military intelligence

Russian armed forces are reported to have withdrawn from Hostomel Airport, an international cargo airport  some 27 km (17 miles) from the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, according to a  British military intelligence report cited by Reuters.

The airport has seen fighting between Ukrainian and Russian forces since the first day of Russia’s invasion on February 24.

Germany must avoid becoming Russia’s target – German economy minister

“In everything we’re doing, we are very careful not to take an unconsidered step that could make Germany a target of Russia,” German Economy Minister Robert Habeck told the German newspaper Rheinische Post.

While it’s difficult for Ukrainians to understand, he added, “in politics, there are no faultless moral positions. There are always trade-offs to prevent something worse from happening. That’s the basis for political moves.”

The comments were in response to Ukraine’s request for more support from Germany in its fights against Russia.

Ukrainian president: Retreating Russians creating ‘complete disaster’ outside Kyiv

Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy has warned his nation that retreating Russian troops were creating a “complete disaster” outside Kyiv as they leave mines across “the whole territory.”

“They are mining the whole territory, they are mining homes, mining equipment, even the bodies of people who were killed,” he said in a video address to the nation late on Friday.

His warning comes as the humanitarian crisis in the port city of Mariupol intensifies, with Russian forces blocking evacuation operations for the second day in a row.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin has accused Ukrainians of launching a helicopter attack on a fuel depot on Russian soil.

Red Cross to make a fresh attempt at Mariupol evacuation

A Red Cross team will make a fresh attempt on Saturday to help evacuate thousands of civilians from the port city of Mariupol after its earlier try failed due to “conditions that made it impossible.”

The international aid organization appealed for all sides to provide security guarantees so that the evacuation mission can proceed.

“For the operation to succeed, it is critical that the parties respect the agreements and provide the necessary conditions and security guarantees,” the Red Cross urged.

The initial plan on Friday was for the Red Cross to escort dozens of cars and buses carrying thousands of civilians out of Mariupol and bring them safely to another Ukrainian city.

Russian and Ukrainian officials had previously agreed to a humanitarian corridor, but it was unclear whether the message had been received by troops on the ground.

The aid group later managed to escort some Mariupol evacuees who had already escaped the besieged city, Ukrainian Red Cross Deputy Director-General Olena Stokoz told DW.

Olena Stokoz (Ukrainian Red Cross) speaks to DW


Round-up of events in Ukraine war on Friday

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A Red Cross team will make a fresh attempt on Saturday to help evacuate thousands of civilians from the port city of Mariupol after its earlier try failed due to “conditions that made it impossible.”

Russian energy giant Gazprom announced it will fully pull out of its German wing, Gazprom Germania,  amid soured relations between Russia and Germany and other European countries over payments for Russian natural gas.

The European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has urged China to not interfere with Western sanctions against Russia following the Ukraine war.

Von der Leyen made the comments after she and other top EU top diplomats met with Chinese President Xi Jinping and China’s Premier Li Keqiang in a virtual summit earlier on Friday.

Ukraine and Russia carried out a prisoner exchange on Friday, in which some 86 Ukrainian soldiers, including 15 servicewomen, were released, Ukranian officials said.

The deputy head of Ukraine’s presidential administration said the exchange was part of ongoing peace talks and did not say how many Russian servicepeople were released in the swap.

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