Workshop on Review of Somaliland Decentralization Policy and its Roadmap


Hargeisa (SH)-A Workshop on review of Somaliland Decentralization policy and its road map held at Maan-soor Hotel, and that two days seminar organized by the Ministry of the interior, and at least 35 people have invited to participate heading by the mayors of Marodijeh, Barbara, and Gabiley along with director generals of the health and the education ministries and all of the main coworkers with the interior ministry.

Abdi-Shakur Mohamoud Edin is the Barbara Mayor and he had his short briefing at the stage talking while the event tasks were going on “I hope this meeting is mainly very potential for our service delivery to the society needs” Mayor Edin.

Mayor of Barbara told that this decentralization policy was coined 7 years ago and it had its different times since that time but almost a lot goods were implemented throughout of JPLG and now it’s very indispensable to make back review the decentralization policy of Somaliland municipalities “since this decentralization of the local government started 7 years ago we reached a lot of touchable and positive needs have been covered but yet more are standing out” Mayor Edin.

Also, Mayor Barbara told that yet Somaliland is dealing with unsolved problems which need to be tackled and when he was talking on the stage he told the major risk of the dis management duties is that each of head officer who is being designated to an office from top to the down of Somaliland administrators is not follow up their constitutional rules and this is what he remarked ” here I want to raise with you and I hope each of you knows that is lack of the constitutional practicing and the real question that is needed to be raised is that lock of the act on or not practiced in our constitution and laws of the country” Barbara Mayor.

And he added ” now am asking you is there any rank official in whole the country who practiced the law of the country either we Mayors and the rest of the national leaders? I hope the answer is no one is practiced drafts and laws of our constitution articles”

Abdi-Kareem Adam Saeed is the Environment and nomadic ministry director general and he shortly briefed his ministry feeling according to this decentralization objective he hoped that this review of Somaliland decentralization policy after 7 years it’s a good step to did back reviewing what has been reached positively so far and what yet not been succeeded to reach “its good today to come to look back review the past year’s positive goals and discuss and compare positives and the negatives” Abdi-Kareem Saeed.

The general director of the interior ministry Abdurrashid  Xirsi Ali has officially opened that review meeting event and he had pointed out that it should be more give consideration cooperative tasks which need and gave thanks to those Mayors and directors for their willingness to take part in this review policy meeting tasks, and another hand he told that the tasks need to be done by the designated offices are to be clear has its prioritization goals and that is the tasks of the general directors they were appointed to do it”

Mr. Xirsi told that this decentralization review of Somaliland policy is to be reached to the all of districts of Somaliland regions, therefore he more urged those elected mayors and generally their councilors to bear in mind that local societies whom voted those municipalities’ councilors to have main of certain criteria sectors to make decentralizing their district tasks and he figured out that if the municipalities’ councilors make a proved and the real decentralization it will reduce the overlapping more existing the city of Hargeisa “ I hope those mayors and along with their councilors have their clear agendas to be more willingly to decentralize civilian needs into their elected districts because if you do so more of overweight tasks will be reduced” Abdurrashid Xirsi.

Hargeisa Mayor vice Mr. Khadar nor came late to the event meeting hall and took his podium microphone and he gave congratulated to those interior leaders along with their close co-works for their active involvement to make upgrading to that era coined decentralization policy, but he told the major problem is not coming and holding at the seminars but the major problem is the lack of implementation whatever reaches on the time tables “ really am flattering to the interior ministry along with their closely works and partners for their active engagements to this issue but I want to remember you the major problem that yet we didn’t overcome is not un held meetings and not coming at the seminar convenes but our major problem is lack of implementation whatever we reached on the time tables and less monitoring and looking after” Hargeisa Mayor deputy.

Khadar Ibrahim delegating from the health ministry and he is the JPLG coordinator and Abdiqadir Ese Hussein delegating to the ministry of education had their slide documents at the event hall which were more standing on the surrounding tissues the that we mentioned above, also Khalid Maal who was behaving of the Local Government Institute (LGI) as he is the logistic head office he had presented slides that pointing out the history of that institute and its main propose that it was coined.

This workshop on review of Somaliland decentralization policy and its Road map will be last on the 29 of March and more discussions will be raised on the rest hours.


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