Consultative and the Prioritization Need’s Collection of the Marodijeh Development


Hargeisa (SH)-The consultative and the prioritization collection of the Marodijeh development region meeting has gone at the Maan-soor Hotel and many of rank officials were anticipated delegating from the government sectors led by the planning and development Minister Mr. Omar, the mayor of Hargeisa Mr. Moge, the Governor of Marodijeh region Mr. Mohamed Elmi and more rest of delegates.

Who’s early took their seats to share their presence with their policymakers either guest speakers or as they were good audiences in the event, this meeting discussion is to focus on which side has the most priorities when it comes to this initiative development, Abdifatah was the narrator of that conference and he had the first briefing and the welcome note remarks and he told that is meeting to focus on the above aims which are to ensure the decentralizing of the government duties on the social developments “ this is very potential consultative of the periodization needs of Marodijeh region and it’s the second meeting of the above title while the first meeting was held in Borama” he told.

Hassan Hussein is the planning department and the acting as the director-general position and he told that this national development is carrying out a lot of indispensable sectors “already we have had Awdal and Salal regional meetings and the aim is to apply with the development of the Marodijeh and Howd regions and hopes that it will focus on more about the serious issues of those regions development sectors” Hassan Hussein.

Abdulkarim Mohamed Moge is the Mayor of Hargeisa and he holds his full delegating of the whole mayors in Somaliland he more likely emphasized that the priority development is to re unit all the development issues “it’s very important to do as unitary all our efforts words to the development of our regional and districts” Mayor Moge. And he added “all of those gusts and none gusts you are welcome on the behind of the City mayor of Hargeisa”

Ahmed Yasin Mohamed Farah is the Howd mayor and he gave fully thanks to those who enabled this meeting event he mentioned that if the officials expose their priority needs that Somaliland development fun will give the quick answer “I hope if we the nominated officials expose professionally our regional needs that the Somaliland development fun will quickly give the response” Mayor of Howd.

Ali Abdi Abdullahi (Ali Ase) is the vice governor of the Gabiley region and he flattered more to those who enabled this meeting discussion (Planning Ministry) “here am giving fully thanks to those who enabled us to come to gather in this meeting and here we will leave lastly with full of information about these two regional needs “I hope at the end of this two days meeting we will express our tough participation in this meeting” Ali Ase.

Mohamed Elmi is the governor of the Marodijeh region and he urged all those government officials to deeply digest the regional and district levels of their needs to be taken to account how it can be given priority of this Somaliland development fund “here I want to urge you all regional and district levels of our rank officials who’s are here today to make break down into their regional and district levels of needs” Mohamed Elmi.

Omar Ali is the planning and development Minister and he had the officially open announcement statement words but before he gives details about this Somaliland Development Fund and how it coined first “in earlier of years that Somaliland passed the emergency situated into the development phase and he had remarked “if we little back into the history of this Somaliland fund development coining in years ago as nation policy Somaliland has passed over the emergency flew up into development situation in which we thought to have had a clear road map of national development” Omar Ali Planning Minister.

Mr. Omar told that this belongs the first initiator by the Somaliland President Musa Bihi Abdi, had the first and end of the national planning way its way of mapping development “the President of Somaliland Musa Bihi Abdi is the leader of our country and he is the mapper of the whole nation, s development view and we are on the road of his policy mapping in which he circled the way we do our daily worksheets” Omar Ali Minister of planning and national development.

After the tea break all the participants were split into 3 groups based on 3 regionals of 1. Marodijeh region 2 Howd region and 3 Gabiley region which each group has deeply and profoundly exercised both positive and negative sides to words their priority scale needs that to hand over into the planning of Ministry within the full source and well-noted information in which it can take to account for its planning map of development division sectors at the end of this consultative meeting by tomorrow in shaa Allah.


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