Sahal Transportation And Logistic Bus Firm has Launched New Sahal Taxi with High Ceremony


Hargeisa (SH)-The well known locally SAHAL logistic and bus transportation has launched new SAHAL TAXI with well-organized ceremony at the Maan-soor Hotel which gathered each sectors of Marodijeh residents such business sectors, politicians, Government officials (Ministries and DGs) youths, religious part and cultural leaders.

Sahal transportation and logistics leaders were the top figures whose were leading that event of annunciation of the new SAHAL TAXI service which will make new service up grading at the market and will hopefully will add highly endorsement by the served society whose already gave thankful this modern firm for their covering too needed services for the majority Somaliland regions.

New HIDO Academy band team has opened their cultural dances at the stage which eyes of the anticipators were seeing looking at their fantastic entertaining at the stage which is too loved and well interesting by the people.

Khalid Mohamed Jirde is the public relation and the Marketing section head and he told at the podium that this ceremony is allocated to publicly announce that new SAHAL TAXI to be opened and this is what he said “here to night we are to announce new SAHAL TAXI SERVICE which will be more benefitable by our society and hopefully ore new SAHAL TAX service will make satisfaction to our clients “last month we launched Sahal Application which easily will enabled to the costomers to download from the play store from the Google page” Khalid Jirde.

and he added that this news tax service will be the best ever service which is provided by Sahal TaxI as Mr. Khalid told on the stage “again we have our costomers who’s again accustomed to keep going to hold their way to have connection with our tax service will have free of 3 km and that is new offer and hope that MP holding the majority votes will be the first whos, will get on our new Sahal tax” Mr. Khalid Jirde.

The president of this Sahal transportation company Mr. Mohamed Ali told firstly this new contemporary of the world tax were coined by American young boy and now it become well famous from the whole world and this new sahal taxi is the second phase which will add more delicious service at the market because former we have had a somehow problems with our shortage of the Taxi numbers but now we have enough numbers that will cover any needs of tax transportation” Mohamed Ali.

Mohamed Farah is the secretary of the Waddani rival party and he mentioned that Sahal company is deserve to flatter for their coining this new enjoyable buses which substituted our hard truck journey which specially woman have hard and disconformable travel with our former old buses and that was figured out by the interior secretary of Waddani rival party told at the stage “here am confirming that this SAHAL firm has deserve to be flattered for their well admired services” Mohamed Farah.

Abdinaasir Muhumed Hassan Buuni is the spokesman of the Kulmiye ruling party and he gave a lot flatters to this  new Sahal Taxi service has congratulated new taxi service which will more recap to the former endorsed logistic and transportation which more have been given thankful to the SAHAL Transportation and logistics for their new engagement to modernize their transportation leading in the local buses “we are here to give thanks to the SAHAL transportation and i will be on this occasion only not to pass the the political issues as the Waddani delegating Mohamed Farah did and saying thank you Sahal for your new modern initiatives of this kind of contemporary transportation and am member of your costumers for long time and now i will be get on your new tax as i was doing and we will blessing you to get holy profits” Mr. Buuni.

Mr. Ibrahim Abdi Hussein (Buurane) is the General Secretary of the rival party UCID and he congratulated to Sahal firm for their up grading their new service which more will be enjoyed by the society of the local residents especially “here i stood to give thankful to may business brothers whose we are colleges for their adding new tax service” Buurane.

Abdulqadir Mohamed Indho-indho whose MP of the upper house of Guurti add his congratulations to that SAHAL Firm for their did well endorsed of transportation services ” when i traveled with the SAHAL Buses it remembered me years ago when i was part of big delegation those visited to Botswana country when we were invited by the king of that country when they punt us on new and comfortable buses and Sahal just is like that and more again i am welcoming this new sahal taxi service and as i was before i will keep Intouch to continue may membership position” MP indho-indho.

Along saaAlong side the MP Guurti Indho-indho appealed to the Vehicles Minister to bear in mind that this small tax car is the most benefice car which totally has no damages with its costumers and brink a lot of income to its drivers, and therefore he requested to the Minister Atoosh to look down with kindly eyes to deal them with caring and kinds it while its a productive car not only luxury “again here i would like to appealed to the Minister Abdurrazak Atoosh to be with car and kindly looking after this small taxi car since its most profitable and also holding with no damages to its costomers” he added that.

Abdirisaq Mohamed Atoosh is the vehicle Minister whose newly pointed to hold that position and he told that Sahal firm is partially his domination sector and he told that is feeling too happy for his attend to this  event announcement “here am telling you that am too happy to night because of that Sahal firm is partially may domination sector and its again may pleasure to night to come to gather to be witness this additional service that in which is again providing by Sahal logistics and transportation Bus and new tax service “Minister of Vehicles Abdurrazak Mohamed Atoosh.

Also the Minister has pointed out that his domination Ministry is engaging to increase the Vehicle quality with maintained roads cooperating with to whom it my concerned “at the coming future we are engaging to have additional of Vehicle quality control system getting cooperation with to whom it my concerning and rest of progress” Minister Atoosh.

The Minister along side he gave preacher to the youths to be aware more and vigilant not to mix their bright future to the dirty tribalism and not demolished their future by exercising with the dirty tribalism which is the clan and ambitionist  interests and more to avoid all kinds of tribalism “you youths here am sending loudly my massage to far away more to act on this dirty tribalism which is the ambitionist and clan post off which can broken your bright future as its been did by our Somali brothers because of their youths have mixed their bright futures with that dirty tribalism” Minister Atoosh.

Photos were taken by Kocbiye Digtital Creative Agency and Sahal photographer team.


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