UCID Annual 4 Conference Has Concluded At the Maan-soor Hotel


Hargeisa (SH) – The Annual 4 Assembly of the welfare and justice (UCID) party has concluded its second day at Maan-soor Hotel, but before coming at the end there was many stage preaches which was presented by fellows of the rival party and as usually it was opened songs and national flag of Somaliland.

Young singers and band experts led by Ahmed Suleiman Bidde were entertaining to the stage Audience. The vice chairman Mr. Saed Omar Ahmed had the first state preach and he told today is the last of this Annual conference which cabinet of the leaders will be elect and he said “today is the second day of our waging activities in this conference and am telling you that members of candidates will voted and am one of those candidates who, s are standing to be elected” Saed Omar Ahmed.

351 of the central council were voted for yes and also first chairman was elected again for term to Faisal Ali Warabe where the second vice was elected to the vice speaker of the lower house MP and other 5 members were elected to be the equal vices of the chairman and they are as follows.

  1. Ali Hamud Jibril the second vice of the lower house speaker
  2. Ibrahim Abdi Hussein (business man)
  3. Saed Omar Ahmed
  4. Ismail Farah
  5. 5-Mrs Anab who, s were absent at the conference

While the general secretary elected to Ibrahim Abdi Hussein (Buurane) and rest of the party administration were voted for yeas with unanimously Mrs. Halima Hussein Yusuf was behaving on the social sector and she more endorsed all the figures to whom have been elected at this party conference “am very happy to share my heart feeling with you and also am very endorsing those our party leaders we elected today” Madam Halim Hussein.

Mubarak is the horn youth leader and he talked about the youth obstacles in which more they are hindering by their local circumstances which needs to be tackled “me as am the youth horn leader of this UCID Party we the youth of Somaliland today we are dealing with hard situation both economically and politically therefore am urging you to united our power voice which is the only what we can culminate with our other world youths” Mr. Mubarak.

Mr. Farah is the sports horn chairman and he deeply talked about what former figures were mentioned and he gave support to those early remarked with that youth issues. Also Awdal Mohamed Ahmed Aflahaar and Abdirashid for Sool regional leaders of UCID party were closely spoke with jubilant voices “isn’t the country is shared with all Somaliland people? Said that Abdirashid.

Abdiqani Musa Dalab is the consultant with the UCID party for the election system and he mentioned that the election phenomenon is currently dealing with more shadows and thus he pointed out that is too indiscernible all the stockholders to united for their enabling democratically and transparence to the culminating election processes.

The vice speaker of the lower house and also holing the vice chairman of UCID party Omar Farah Jama told that its unfortunately to exposed the reopening of the new political organization aiming at only to disrupt the election smoothness “we know recently there are political Chios in our culminating election process which the Government is only aiming to postpone to the election process and that is really creating us in new political crises which we cannot avoid this hard life time” Omar Jama.

prolonging his preach Mr. Omar consulted with the Somaliland President Musa Bihi Abdi not to interfere to the process of the elections and let the electoral committees to have free access for their mandatory rights “you the President am saying to you not to interfere the election methods and you have to let alone to the electoral Committee to have their own free tasks” Omar Jama.

Ali Hamud Jibril is the second vice of the lower house speaker and he followed all remarks said by those had preached before him and he well endorsed this Annual 4 Assembly of his UCID party “here am welcoming this our Annual 4 conference and hope we the UCID party that if we united our all forces we will win at the coming election” Ali Hamud Jibril.

The 4 term re elected Chairman of UCID party Faisal Ali Warabe told is in regret for his coming to Somaliland culminating that it would have a better face than which it has now and told is if he believes it would have such like this atmosphere of bad political tit for tit he wouldn’t came “if i have had believing that Somaliland face will be such like this  anarchy of election crises that i wouldn’t  came to Somaliland” Faisal Ali Warabe.





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