The 4 Annual Assembly Ceremony of UCID Political Rival Party Held At Maan-soor Hotel


Hargeisa (SH)-The annual 4 of the UCID Party Assembly held at Maan-soor Hotel and this year is its most warmly organized and approximately 5000 members have anticipated along with the official delegates of the party who’s came from all regions of Somaliland including diaspora figures of the party delegates those have been departure from the outside of the sea in order to attend this 4 annual assembly of the party.

Those thousands anticipating this conference are led by the chairman of the Party Engineer Faisal Ali Hussein and the current holding vice chair Mr. Saed Omar Ahmed, both MPs of the Ucid parliament, regional and district directors of the UCID party, other parties invitees and the social sectors from the Marodijeh districts.

Before the starting of that assembly preaches all the seats of the event hall was taken by those party supporters waving the green flag of the party seen their faces jubilant and more happy full The officially speech opening had preacher by the chairman of the UCID party Engineer Faisal Ali Warabe and he called his vice chairman Saed Omar Ahmed and rank officials to be the banner guiding team in this annual 4 assembly but  he loudly voiced supporting of political words to his vice chairman Mr. Saed Omar Ahmed and a lot he flattered him that he is veteran man and called him as he is likes with holy war veteran “you my audiences here am telling you that our vice chairman Mr. Saed Omar Ahmed is like who’s fought in the holy wars like the UXUD Islamic Veteran companions of the holy Prophet Mohamed peace and blessing be upon him” Mr. Warabe.

On the other hand the UCID Chairman jumped out into the era unity of the Somali Republic and its root causes which made abortion to the lasting long of the that failed Republic and he attributed that Republic failing what he called selfishness of the southern view policy which gave them to the majority portfolios seats and missed to the Northern region and this is what he had remarked “bothers when we united with the South of Somalia they took all of our political portfolios seats like the top seats such the interior Minister, Both Military and Police heads and etc.” Faisal Ali Warabe.

He added “as they deceived us at that time and not gave any consideration to the civilian rights from that coining of that Somali Republic unity now they are running after to deceive their people and what is the laughable is when they said Somaliland delegating MPs are electing in Mogadishu and that is too humiliation for us and yet they are running after us”

Mr. Warabe had criticized to the Somaliland President Musa Bihi Abdi for his ambition to abuse the free democracy system of the willing elections and he told that he many times set down with the President and consulted with him to centralized the election way path but he objected all what he suggested for him and he said “before many times I was set down with Musa Bihi and told him to allow all the election process to be free from any interference by him but he objected with all my consulted suggestions but I will not allow him to manipulated and abused our free democracy”

Mr. Warabe told that Somaliland has no any problem but the only problem for Somaliland is the President Musa Bihi Abdi “brothers am telling your our country has no any problem but the major problem in which we are dealing it with now is the only Musa Bihi Abdi and my suggestion to you is to make unity for remove him from the dominance of this country presiding” Ali Warabe.

The UCID Party chairman Faisal Ali Warabe told that the Somaliland President put more pressure to his Party and he hardly did against fighting for UCID party and he evidenced that months ago when new candidates tried to contest from Ucid they were jailed until the campaign contest finished and this is what he had remarked “brothers you know that the President Bihi had put more pressure against for our UCID Party and my evidence of that argument his detention that Ibrahim Abdi Hussein setting with us and other 4 candidates whom he got lost their candidate ambitions” Faisal Ali Warabe.

Mohamed Adam is the Marodijeh regional central council chairman Mohamed Adam and he shortly well endorsed this annual meeting and he said “on behaving of the Marodijeh regional chairman of the UCID party am very delicious for my be part of this stage speeches and my final word is to say land the people is belonged to by the welfare and justice UCID party” Mohamed Adam.

Mohamoud Jama Warfa is the ruling party Kulmiye chairman of central council leader and he talked about the quarrel draft law which has created more political chose and division of the lower house MPs and he deeply urged to the MPs to voted yes for that disputed law of the reopen the new political organizations  that opposition party MPs were opposed and he said “ here I would like to loudly say to the lower house MPs to validate and democratically released that new political organizations ate to be opened and the country smoothly go ahead for fair and justice elections” Mr. Warfa.

Ex MP Mohamed Hajji Waabeeye has lashed out and pulled out the suggestion of the Kulmiye central council chairman Mohamoud Jama Warfa and he told the lower house MPs that disputed law is their political view rights and it’s in their hands as the constitution of Somaliland is giving fully authorities to them “am tightly urging to the lower house MPs not to hand over what they are given by the constitution articles and again saying to you MPs you have to have not hand over your mandatory political rights and to do your mandated and elected for duties to save to the civilians” vice chairman of the Waddani rival party Mohamed Waabeeye.

Saed Omar Ahmed is the current vice chairman of the UCID party and his oratory spoke out at the podium and he talked a lot rounding into the domain of his party views in which relates to the current polling of the political dispute law and he also hardly emphasized that the duty of the lower house MPs is to enjoy with their free own voices and they have a fully rights weather they voting yes for that organizational law or to object “this is the completing of 20 year for our UCID party general annuals and hope if the coming elections held by fair and justice that UCID will the winner one”

Mr. Omar Ahmed added consulting with the President Musa Bihi Abdi and his Government to stop all interference with the lower house MPs to due to their duties with freely from them and also he ordered to the MPs themselves not to be bend down their heads to the Government interference as he remarked “here am giving consulting with to the President Musa Bihi Abdi and his Government to set hand back all their interference to the lower house MPs to enforces them to be soft for their own wishes and let them to get access freely practiced their political view rights” Vice chairman Saed Omar Ahmed.

Mr. Saed not hesitated to doubled his urging to the elected MPs of the lower house actively to practice with their own mandatory domains like this disputed law of the new organizational reopen “you MPs it’s your only political duties to do object this disputed law or to allow it why you are handing over your own given political view rights to the Government? It’s yours weather you voting yes for it or not please and please do your freely and fairly looking back in and basing your wishes to the Somaliland constitution articles which gave you more freedom and political view rights” Vice chairman Mr. Saed Omar Ahmed.

Elders and cultural leaders were given to the microphone at the stage podium and mostly were closely spoke flattering this annual conference to its UCID party for their inviting to the preach stage “today am very pleasure and delicious feelings are not countable and I am supplicating to the almighty Allah to give the victory to the UCID Political Party” that was remarked by Boqor Ahmed Iiman the minority clan cultural leader who’s, were behaving of the cultural sectors.

MPs of the UCID party like Ahmed Salah and the vice Mayor of Burao Mukhtar baaryare were among those spoked MPs MP Salah tightly criticized to the Government views words to the current cooking law issue and where it stood side as not deserved to get support by the healthy wise policy as he lay down “if I tell you honestly the cracker views of the government words to the organizational reopen case is not acceptable and somehow its damaging to our young democracy” MP Ahmed Salah.

Mukhtar baaryare is the vice mayor of Burao and he talked about those young generations whom have grew up with the political party cooking atmosphere in which he and his other young counterpart are dealing today with rubbed and filtered stage of political system that they easily can catch up with “am among those young politicians who, s grew up with good atmosphere and well filtered stage of political and we are ready to make new change of stable political system in our country” Vice Mayor Baaryare.

Woman’s horn leader Madam Sada Jama Adam has told that the her Woman feathers are too ready to make true that UCID to win at the coming future elections and because she mentioned that most female section are ready to stand side with justice and the welfare UCID Party and this is what she had told “on behaving of the Woman, s horn of chairperson am telling you that the majority of the Woman are ready this term to give their support to the justice and the welfare UCID Party”


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