Stockholder’s workshop for the validation of Geed-deeble Botanic Garden for master plan development event held at Maan-soor Hotel


Hargeisa (SH)- Stockholder, s workshop for the validation of Geed-deeble Botanic gardener for master plan development event held at Maan-soor Hotel and it was professionally organized by Barwaqo voluntary organization which its domain area environment is including.

This of one day event of master plan development has gathered with many anticipators either Barwaqo rank officials, Ministers from the Government such financial development Minister Saád Ali Shire, Minister of Environment development Madam Shukri Hajji Ismail, Minister of whole activities and homing Abdullahi Abokor and Mr. Ayele Kebede who were delegating from CID (Sweden) and Dr. Mekuria Argaw delegating form the Horn of Africa regional environment center and network (Hoarec) and the chairperson of Barwaqo organization and professor Sebsede who’s fellow  member of the master plan committee and other gusts whom were invited from the rest of the social sectors.

Khadra Omar Hassan is the head chairperson of Barwaqo Organization and he had the first briefing statement at the stage podium and she gave thankful to all gusts along with the big foreign delegation who’s all the way departure from Addis Ababa, Madam Khadra stood on the potentiality of this meeting and coming plan strategy of this event is following up one step forwarded early of this year which had in a big launch ceremony at Geed-deeble district in north west of Hargeisa, and that was attended with huge delegations and top figures including Government Ministers and also Barwaqo rank officials led by its chairperson Madam Khadra Omar Hassan.

Madam Khadra briefly figured out the potentiality of the keeping and saving environment is the part of the human life hyphen and also she mentioned the important of the health environment is sign of the human development “today we are here to widely discussed about this Geed-deeble botanic garden for the master plan development and I would like to say all the delegations who,s all the way delegated from far distances like the center of Ethiopia Addis Ababa and rest of you -you are welcome in our one day event discussion meeting and thank you all for your coming here” Khadra Omar Hassan.

Dr. Mekuria Argaw who was behaving of HOAREC and he highlighted the necessity of this conference which its top duty is to round the environment issues “on behaving of the Horn of African regional environment center and network am too happy to share with you in this delicious event” Dr. Mekuria.

Also he told that his organization of HOAREC is highly was involved since it coined in era time ago and yet they are willing to go ahead direction of their objectives of the environmental domains “our organization of HOAREC is too evolving into the health environment in the horn of Africa and rest of the world” Dr. Mekuria.

Mr. Ayele Kebede is member of the Sweden International Development Cooperation Agency and he also welcomed this conference discussion and gave thankfully to the Barwaqo Voluntary organization that without their efforts this precious meeting wouldn’t be held “as am Ayele Kebede am behave of my organization of the Sweden International aid development it’s our pleasure to be part of this honor meeting and I would like to add my supporting to the organizer of this conference BVO and saying thank you to Barwaqo for your enabling all of those different delegations to come to gather at this place ”Ayele Kebede.

Saád Ali Shire is the financial development Minister and well informed about this Geed-deeble Botanic and glanced with this project domain and he consulted with a good idea which all was admired and on the other hand he categorized the environment domains and this is what he had remarked “the environment soul lives is containing 4 major categories 2 is for nursery and levees and 2 is for the other living organs both human and none humans and all are needed to be a live with good and healthful environment” Financial Minister Saád Ali Shire.

Madam Nafisa Yusuf is the executive director of Woman’s Nagaad Network Ambarella which always advocates to the Woman’s rights she had mentioned that this Environment protection is part of Nagaad,s domain work area and she little explicit how far it needs to get healthy environment which can lead also human beings to have in a good atmosphere that can reduce the contingency diseases in which horrifying to the human development. Professor Sebsebe is a lecture at Addis Ababa University and also he is a fellow of this master plan project and he flattered this meeting which is chairing BVO and he forecasted that at the future that it will be better and healthy if the society united their forces to come to gather and work with unity “at the future I hope that we would have better and healthy full environment side to side but its only if we come to gather and united our efforts to create safety for our environment in order to get stable life” Professor Sebsebe.

The Marodijeh Governor Mr. Mohamed Elmi also was members to whom have had their briefing remarks and he mentioned the indispensability of those University students to have more about the environment knowledges in order to get qualified and experts to the environment issues “here am urging our class University students more to be engaged the faculties of environment to save our land deforestation and the tree cuts” Mohamed Elmi.

Abdullahi Abokor is the general and homing Minister and he had his feeling at this conference which he shortly made overview of this environment issues since building basing in his aware of this Geed-deeble project of master plan development and told that Barwaqo Organization is to give club and fully thanked for their tireless to run after the keeping and protect of the environment issues “as am aware of since long time and this Geed-deeble Botanic Garden for master plan development BVO is to give club and flattered for their tireless to run after for the keeping environment and protect it” the Minister Abokor.

Madam Shukri Hajjis Ismail Bandare is the environment Minister and also she is too expert for the environment domains and she told this meeting is very indispensable for Somaliland environmental regions, but she pointed out the major problems that her Ministry is challenging is the forest issues which is based on currently in Somaliland context as clan borders “really the major problem in which we the Environmental Ministry we are fed up with the treed forest by the clans which they belonged only by themselves and the worst one is that they are fighting each other in the bush area forests” the Minister Shukri Bandare.

Also there was preview video slides which was showing a lot of land information and the strategic master plan of this project managing and it was presented by both Dr. Mekuria and other environmental issue experts.


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