Hargeisa Career Day Event And Work In Progress Held By Havoyoco At Maan-soor Hotel


Hargeisa (SH)- An evet which titled Hargeisa Career days been held at Maan-soor Hotel which was organized by the Horn of Africa Volunteer Committee Organization (Havoyoco) to emphasize their youth empowerment and make smooth way that can enabled the youth to get job there are links joining to youth jobs to those job providers like business sectors, Universities, local NGOs, International NGOs and the UN Agencies.

Therefore all these sectors were invited to attend this main event to share their youth offering jobs and take touchable responsibility for the covering of the youth needs. Thus early morning seats of the ceremony hall was full off by jubilant for the job groups who’s been gathered from the Hargeisa districts before the officially starting there was music entertainment, but the ceremony speeches officially started by the head of this Work in Progress and the project manager of Havoyoco Kamal Hassan Isak and he narrated a lot in which related into this environment issues and this is what he had remarked “today we are gathering here to talk about this valuable of work progress project which was lasting since last 3 years and the aim is to link those enterprise, and the all above of other sectors” Kamal Isak.

Also he mentioned the needs of that those above sectors to give consecration how youth job needs to be covered “here are the business private sectors which are the main sources of our local income sources therefore am urging to dire to employ those yearly coming from the Universities” he added.

On the other hand the program head of Havoyoco Mr. Kamal Hassan Isak told that more activities is needed from the youth side in order to keep in touch to all ways of the job links in which can enabled them to have easy access to the job doors “what I would like to say to those youths is to say you have express your job needs adding to have clear ambitions and you have to have more vigilant for your seeking jobs” Kamal Isak.

Ibrahim Amin Gadiid is the higher education director and he promised at the stage that his office will give hand and will stand with the youth “here am telling you that as am the director of the higher education may office is open to you in any time and you can come with me and I will do all whatever that I can do for you since am in that office” Ibrahim Gadiid.

Abdurrazak Oday is one of the young poetry and he demanded for Havoyoco to assign especial day for the youth ceremony day which will like the other international days in which can enabled them to have their own ceremony day” here I will appeal to Havoyoco to assigned us as we are the youth an especial ceremony days because we are fed up with other foreign days ceremonies” Abwaan Oday.

Mr. Oday exposed a beautiful histories did by part of the developed Muslim countries like Malesia and Turkish “you head a lot Malesia and Turkish cities clearances and their huge build developments do you know that they were built by their youths? The reality is that” he added.

Mr. Oday he oratory staged poetry voiced moments in which very attracted by the audiences who, s were at the ceremony hall, Abdurrazak Hassan Rakub is the public relation officer of Som-cable company and he pointed out that University graduates come into their office and donated them sometimes jobs and sometimes gave guidance “am saying to you as you are job seekers not harry and keep smoothness and full confidence with your skills” Hassan Rakub.

“if you have your skill trainings you will easily get jobs and you have to have increase your knowledge because that is only the way that can lead you into your self-development and here am giving thankful to Havoyoco and any other body who’s have had and in this enabling events” Mr. Abdurrazak Hassan Rakub.

Omar Hajji Hussein is the head of Takaful Insurance firm and he told they take yearly approximately 50 person to get jobs from their company and also he urged job seekers to have 3 main conditions 1. Well dressing 2 having good behavior 3. And your Social media using as you’re exposing your main top skills.

Ahmed Gool Adde is vice communication of University of Hargeisa and he urged those job seekers to be first nationalists for their country “there is a gab positions which is needed to filled out in the army force joining and am urging you to join to the army forces because of your country defense is needed to you” Gool adde

In this work progress project already has its graduates and 1600 skilled students who have took certificates from this skill teaching program which 350 of them already have employed and now are workers as the narrator of this event ceremony Adam Daud told.

Abdurrahman was behaving of Adams University and he told friendship between he and those University student is his top priority in order to encourage them to get job and he fantastically pay lecture at the stage and he told “you ladies how many of you are ready to be home worker (jaariyadd) and today to give her monthly for $100 and the whole laughed loudly in the ceremony hall and he added “you boys how many of are ready to work for Hotels and become waiters?

It means he was aiming at to cover how that youths are not ready to get start low positions in their first job gates but each of University graduators are ready only to set down in beautiful and well equipped office getting as well as on luxury cars, which good but it should not your first criteria of your getting job.

Farah is one of the dhaweeye taxi company and she told that teen aging is the most values of the human life therefore she told some histories of the youth roles in their life skills development “ I remember when I was job seeker may home location was far from to the place jobs and I used to wake up early in order to reach timely into may target place” Farah.

At the end of that event banner team discussion was there that was aiming at the student’s circumstances and their major obstacles which they faced when the seeking their jobs “here am noticing that we will have another session of banner debate which selected team will be questioned about the obstacles which University graduates faced their job providers and how is their first coming office of the firms or else where” said that Kamal Hassan Isak.

Then a lot problems which is too existing in the firms or other organization that hindered to those job seekers “may first compliance which already also i told in like events is that when i come in an company or organization officers always asking me dose the lady seeking the job beautiful faces and good shape” lucky Qassim who, s head of Woman Organization told that.

Vice Minister of educational development Abdul-hakim Bustale has closed that event lectures and he hope that this coming new year youth will have a good opportunities and he said “all the best for the youth and the organizer of this beautiful events Havoyoco and all thank you” Minister Bustale.



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