Jimma University Master of Programs Ceremony Held at Maan-soor Hotel


Hargeisa (SH)- Farewell ceremony of Jimma State University and academic succeed with the graduates of master programs took place at Maan-soor Hotel, which gathered many people to attend that holding different lectures which spoke by different led by the vice Minister of Education development Abdi-hakim Bustale and honorable gusts whose delegated from Academic dean of Jimma University Dr. Tefera  Belachew head of Masters and PHD at Jimma University College in Hargeisa Mohamoud Sahardiid officials from the Government, and private sectors.

First the chairman of Jimma University at Hargeisa main campus Mohamoud Sahardiid and talked about this ceremony and aimed at behind reason in which this meeting is held and also he mentioned that it’s too pleasure for himself, rest of the Jimma University staff and their head quarter center in Jimma Region delegation led by Professor TEFERA and Dr. Habtamu head of the Jimma Medical department and also he is Doctor of pediatric “today its very pleasure to me and rest of my staff University and whole as we are Jimma University to held this delicious meeting with our former master graduates from both Hargeisa Main campus and Addis Ababa head quarter campus” that was told by the president of Jimma Campus in Somaliland.

Mr. Sahardiid added that University had already 2 Batches who’s gone with their Certificates from Jimma, excessively first batch graduators were 12 students and the second year’s number of students were 16 students and the current classes of 2021 are 42 students “talking about Jimma University graduators the first year we have had only 11 graduators and the second year we reached 16 graduators and currently classes of the 2021 are 42 students and we are culminating to reach more than what we have now at the coming future” Mohamoud Sahardiid.

On the other hand he glanced that Jimma University is going to open new campus into north east Autonomy region of Puntland to expended its mission and this is what he had remarked “also its honor as Jimma team that the University is willing to newly open campus into Puntland”

Mohamed Jama, Shukri Ali Adami and Dr. Mukhtar Bashir were graduators from Jimma University delegating rest of their colleges and differently they have preached in different angles like part of their long way road all the way from Hargeisa to Addis Ababa “really it was very hard to move from your homeland into another home country therefore I was feeling very emotional situation my first journey to the Jimma University main campus which is almost far from Addis Ababa” Shukri Ali Adami has remarked these words.

Mohamed Jama who’s also was member of the Health Ministry staff and now working with the UNICEF had briefly stated what he had in Jimma University and told that Jimma is a big University and which also is belong to the Government and therefore it holds “its historic day for whole Jimma teams and especially those of Master graduators to have such like this golden meeting with our Jimma rank officials” Mohamed Jama.

Also he mentioned that according to what he and his class mates met with the Jimma University a lot of health professions are holding by Jimma and therefore he urged those graduating from the secondary schools and want to join their first class of University to bear in main that Jimma University is the only their current applicable University in accordance with his experience and also he had briefed that Jimma is very ready to cover more health sector needs especially those Doctors to be linked with Jimma because it may provide them upgrading and short trainings which related to more they are willing to have adding their health skills “Jimma University is more than read to stand with Somaliland health sector professionals and give doctors new upgrading with their homes and its honor both Somaliland and Jimma University to have such like this connection for health skills” Ahmed Mohamed Jama.

Dr. Mukhtar Bashir and Sayid Abu-Bakar who’s also were graduators of Jimma and closely spoke saying and exposing some of their thankfulness to the Jimma leaders to whom made this educational succeeded atmosphere.

Ali Mohamed (Adami) who, s had spoken for the parents gave more thankfulness to this University for their giving chance to those Master graduators including his daughter Shukri and this is what he said “it’s true that Jimma is one of the best Universities in Ethiopia “Jimma is the best Universities in whole Ethiopia and therefore am urging to those willing to start for their of class University to join this Jimma University in which also is run by the state of Ethiopia” Ali Adami.

Dr. Habtamu is the Pediatric doctor and also he holds the head of medical department office and he had a slide document that have been admired at the stage since it was carrying out more indispensable of knowledge and part of what is provides by Jimma University especially accurately to this meeting “My name is Dr. Habtamu and am head of the medical department office at Jimma University and along with I am specialist doctor for pediatric section” Dr. Habtamu.

Professor Tefera Belachew is the head of the masters and PHD department classes and like that he had slide presentation at the stage in which he as professionally prolonged his preach, and made a lot confidential points in which minds and eyes were more looked with attentional feeling.

coming to the ending of the ceremony vice Minister of the Education Abdul-hakim Bustale had highlighted out that like this Jimma University teaching health students is very important in accordance with the needs of health professionals in Somaliland whose their new skills are more needed in the society of Somaliland regions, and he gave fully thanks to the Jimma University for their having campus teaching in Somaliland and he said “first i would like to give fully thanks to the Jimma University Admin for enabling us to learn at our home since they brought us their class teaching University in Hargeisa” Bustale.








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