Rewarding ceremony of 36 young teenagers from 3 local IDS in Marodijeh region took place at Maan-soor Hotel


Hargeisa (SH)- Rewarding ceremony of 36 young teenagers from 3 local IDS in Marodijeh region took place at Maan-soor Hotel anticipating 100 people from the sponsoring Agency CDG cooperation with UND and Japan Government, rewarders, officials of those above written Agencies, delegate like Abdurrahman Warsame form CDG, Candlelight , and rest of the officials.

Abdurrahman Warsame the chairman of CDG had the first open words and he told that those skilled trainees have lent in a good skills which they can develop their selves and this is what he had first remarked “today it’s a very pleasure for me to have this golden moment awarding trained and skilled trainees those from 3 IDPs in Marodijeh region” Abdurrahman Warsame.

Mr. Warsame also he highlighted what kind of knowledge or skills students have given and he told that they have been lent supporting inclusive and multi-sectoral response to COVID 19: Addressing its Socio-economic impact in Somaliland, and also food cooking and its sanitation, cloth tailoring and nursery skills were among what IDPs youth have lent “also here I would like to point out or give details what we have thought them and they have taken a lot of indispensable skills since it was a very short time but we are very glad that it was more benefitable and well succeeded and fruitful time” Head of CDG Agency Abdurrahman Warsame.

“here also I would like to give thankful to our cooperative UNDP, Sky G School, Candlelight and any other who, s had any support hand into this succeeded project of training skills in which 36 youth was trained in a one month completely and we will try to get internships to those 36 youths to the local Government and others ” he added. “Thanks to Allah and everyone who’s had hand supporting those skills trainees whose have been given 3 projects such like the above mentioned points and the time was short but we hope it was very potential benefits” he added.

On the other hand the CDG chairman Mr. Warsame told that all students who have been trained will get skills material which can enabled them to easily earned for their thought skills “Your material is ready for any one of you following to the list we have been given and we want to do a benefitable activities for you and am adding your certificates are ready to be given you at the coming Suter day also your highest of degree points will be specially honored and along with those 3 schools and Candlelight will be given honor certificates

Farhia Mohamed Adam was one of those benefited this project and she spoke to her State house IDP along with her colleges and she told although the time they have been given was very short but they been lent very fruitful skills and these words are her remarked “really am very delicious today to reach our closing training in one month which was very short but really we have had a very fruitful lessons but here we are appealing to our honor Abdurrahman Warsame to search for us another chance to increase our skills again either the local Government or any other Agency” Farhia Mohamed.

Abdi Yusuf who’s behaving of United Nation development Program (UNDP) which donated this project logistic section have had a wonderful statements at the stage and he told that today is one of his memorial days which deserve to be mentioned more after for his coming with those ben awarded ceremony “am very pleased to come with you in this beautiful closing training which was gathered in 3 sectors food heighten, solar energy skills and the, nursery studies”

Mr. Abdi Yusuf has glanced the most important is not those youth’s awarding certificate but the necessary is that more is to be produced by those have been trained “the necessary is not taken certificates but the necessary is to create another benefitable resources and more of skill full productions which makes you at the future more richness by your hand skills” Abdi Yusuf.

Mohamed Yusuf who is the IDPs head told its very delicious day for those he is behaving of them and told that more progressive and fruitful lessons were given those IDP,s youth for while they being training and he hoped for those student to continue their knowledge searching and any way that can enabled them “you graduators it’s your time to continues to increase your knowledge in any ways that can enabled you to make win at your future time because today you have somehow skilled and therefore you touch the train” Mohamed Yusuf.

Hassan Abdullahi who’s was delegating form Golis University which was part of teaching classes to these awarded students has more encouraged not to neglected to have continues ambitions which they can reach to contest their other counterpart youth “today I can say you have won well but you have continue your rather skills or father knowledge to contest tomorrow your counterpart youths” Hassan.

Abdurrazak is the Candlelight program head and have had more inductive hand to this training of the IDPs youth project and therefore he had details of what lessons were given to those IDPs and this is what he had tuned out “here I would like to tell some lessons were given to those students since that month, tailoring, cooking, food sanitation and the nursery skills were given to these are graduating today” Abdurrazak from Candlelight.19 of those graduators were female and res of the 36 were male.


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