Somaliland, SSG, And PAI International Have Opened To Gather A Big Program At Maan-soor Hotel


Hargeisa (SH)- Launching of the Consultancy service to Develop Pay and Grading Policy Reform and providing Ta on conducting job Evaluations and preparing job descriptions for Somaliland Civil service Commission was held at Maan-soor Hotel, that launching program is cooperated by both SSG, PAI, the World Ban and Somaliland civil service Commission, approximately more than 100 people have anticipated that above mentioned of launched ceremony whose from the Government officials, its servants and its implementing by the  Consortium UK and Somaliland.

This program speeches has gun through more different lectures such like the rank officials of those SSG and PAI leaders, Government delegating Ministries, chairman of the Civil service institute and other of Governmental institutional office heads. Mohamed Geeddi ainanshe is the director of the Civil Service Commission and he spoke about this event aims which made gather more people to attended and also holding 2 occasional ceremonies either the civil servant pay grading and also their salaries which from this opened program day they will be given in accordance with their hierarchies after the being assessed for their education levels, and also he mentioned that another good plan for the Government servants which means that civil servant building blocks are on the pipeline “here also there will be another good schedule for the civil servant which their new building blocks is on the pipeline” Geeddi Ainanshe.

Mr. Geeddi told some highlighting about who will enforce this heading way of program of one year and as he mentioned both SSG and API international managed to gather facilitation of the year duration project and Somaliland Consortium UK will be implemented and preaching about that this is what  he had remarks “this of one year program will be in handled by both SSG and PAI international Agency and Somaliland Consortium will be implementing ”  Geeddi Ainanshe.

Abdi Adam Dirie is the head of the servant reforms and the told that today is the waiting for a long day which far is being culminating once like this day to be reached which he detailed shortly it will be classified to those civil servants going throughout basing of their qualifications and education certificate earned levels “today its my too pleasurer that we came at such like this precious day which for a long time is being waiting once to be based in accordance with their educational hierarchies and along with regarding experiences” Abdi Adam Dirie.

Mr. Malcolm Bell is was the assessment team head for a while this imitative was processing also he is a  member of that PAI International Agency and he pointed that is opened program is more useful for Somaliland progress and also was a big Horner for those are in active with this program lasting at the whole coming year  and this is what he had told “today we are in a good progress ceremony of the pay grading of civil servants and their salary paying assessment in accordance with their hierarchies and their education levels” o

Mohamed Jaamac is the coiner of the SSG firm which also he is the head master and he told that he is the coiner and the chairman of SSG in which he turned hard that many projects have done by SSG like the counting of Somaliland civil servant  program which successfully have been done and now that SSG is more than ready to have a collaboration with handful to the Somaliland civil Servant Commission and any else  who needed to get partially SSG providing service programs ” Me i am is the coiner of SSG and its a private frim which gives  consultancy providing to our line  Ministries and along with the Civil servant institute and we are ready closely to work with  rest of other commission whose need to our professional service providing” Mohamed Jaamac.

Mr. Jama also confirms that his SSG firm is widely growing on and already has number of offices in different countries like UK , Dubai, Ethiopia, Kenya and Somaliland and he added that they are ready to work all other organizations and firms whose their needs is to get professional providing services “me i am the coiner of SSG and also holing its chairman and its a privet owning firm which stands to give providing services and we are ready to work closely to the our current line  Ministries and the Civil Servant Commission which we to gather we will work and rest of other organizations who needs to get professional service providing”  Mr. Jaamac.

Mawlid Noh Ibrahim is the newly appointed chairman to the Road maintenance authority agency office head and he mentioned that today is very good day which is carrying more nice emotion to words this opening project announcement and he told that the Road agency is one of the holding potential agencies of the Government inst1itutions and therefore is too happy that his road authority is considering as holding partially main role “today am very happy that my road authority office to hold partially main role in the Governmental institutions and lastly its a big honor to be present at this highly endorsed ceremony”  Mawlid Noh Ibrahim.

Dayib Adam Xaaji Ali is the quality control head office  and along with fighting corruption section chairman and he told that may be more people are not thinking in a good way of his office but its holding important section service to the society and that is more bad consumption which is really far from the reality as he laydown his remarks “may be more people are believing that our duty is not so main important according with other agencies but that is very far from the reality and what we holding for the society is to fight the corruption and doing a lot of the good governance work system” Dayib Adam Hajji Ali.

The financial development vice Minister Madam Roda Elmi also had her briefing statement about this program and its smoothness working and he told that she is very happy here Ministry to be the main moving instrument to the forwarding this project and Madam Roda Elmi emphasized that this announcing project will  give more rights to these civil servants and from now there will be no given same salary to the servants and each person he or she will get his salary based by his educational level earned certificate “am too happy that tour Ministry will be the main moving forward instrument to this pay grading and salary given points and from now there will no paying same salary and each person he or she will get his earned salary based on his educational heresiarch and followed by to his certificate level ” Madam Roda Elmi Vice Minister.

Mr. Khalid Jama is the chairman of the civil servant agency and more honored this  program opening ceremony and therefore it was more status to his civil servant agency to be witness with this honor day and this is what he had glanced with progressive angles at this servant assessing, but he gave thankful  to the World Bank for their Donation to this useful project ” i  would like here to give more thankful to the World Bank for their program donation

On the other hand as to contemporize smoothness of the civil servant up grading at this way of forwarding its to classified those servant assessment road map basing on each personnel level of education and he or she salary will be followed on by this easement method “this servant assessment will encourages to the civil servants and because of they will be given salary according to  with their educational certificate level”

And he added we are more than ready to closely work with those SSG and PAI International Agency and other rest of the governmental institutions whose are involving this program to be win which will last at the year of the 2020 and also there will be especial  committee whose their job will be to closely under work  those handling agencies to this program” Khalid Jama Qodah.

Mustafe Mohamed Ali Minster of  Family and the Social affairs and also he is the main stone of wining of this program and also he is delegating his position to the President of Musa Bihi Abdi in this program and he told that this making program is giving more Somaliland too another main development and therefore he said that is more delicious day for Somaliland and this is what he had pointed out “today its a more honored day for Somaliland to have like this golden day program event and also it holds more significant victory “Mustafa Mohamed Ali.

H added “there is no more big than injustice that all civil servant salary to be paid same and no regarding herierachy positions but i hope from now on today there will be no longer existing that method and each of civil servant will be given salary in according to with he or she assessed and graded level of certificate which he holds

At the end of that ceremony program participants have watched a main film which each firm was talking about their jobs that is doing by both SSG and PAI International  which also each of them exposed to the audiences at the stage hall to make more understanding values of their social roles.


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