Induction Training For The 23 Executive Secretaries of Somaliland Closed At Maan-soor Hotel


Hargeisa (SH)-The above holding training is going on for its two last days participating with all of 23 district’s Municipality MP delegates, this morning started with paper presentation by Mr. Mohamoud Hussein from United Nation Development Program (UNDP) and he presented systematical working clusters of the districts and how far they their level of the life is different form one to another “do you think Saila and Oodweyne are holding same circumstance? no they are not holing same circumstance” Mr. Mohamoud Omar Hussein.

Also he paper was carrying out a lot needed information to those Municipality MPs to know more for example districts basic needs like health center, Schools, roads, football stadiums and etc are standing with too eagers, therefore Municipality MPs in each district should be make it their top priorities when they are thinking of with their basic district needs “you MPs you have to know your presiding district needs are more and you have make your top priority needs the basic issues like the post health center, Hospitals, Schools, “roads and football stadiums”

“you shouldn’t say i will do all publicly what you will not able to do because of once you may will be accountable to the public heads by tomorrow and it will be shame for you to your negligence to face like that” Mohamoud

in another angle he mentioned that there are more responsibilities in each section of the tasks management in the Municipality of these 23 districts in whole Somaliland and he clearly highlighted each description tasks either he or she is to do “you have to know that each of yours has he or she unique responsibility which deserved to be done clearly either its logistically ore managerial tasks” he added.

Facilitator also remembered to the Municipality MPs have more considered the emergency issues like the current drought which standing out in Somaliland regions such north and like so you have to have clear budget of annual review in accordance with your early of the tasks duties in your mandatory section of Municipality” he closed his paper presentation.

The second presenter was Ahmed Adam Yosuf form UN Habitat and he presented useful and indispensable issues which was touching all sides of the Municipalities’ including the budget break down as applicable with the logical designed before for the running coast begun to end the whole system of their mandatory sections “this is the total reviews of the whole Somaliland from 2008 to 2020 putting graphics in his slides including the house taxation bills” he told.

Mr. Yosuf also had exposed the role of the internal Audit tasks is very indispensable section in all administration office especially the Municipalities because of as they are the min backburn of the social development to be successfully done and he tonged that the inside conflict lasted between the Mayor and the secretary is always made backwardness to the smoothness working of the whole Municipality duty jobs which is waiting for the civilians from their elected MPs to do” he ended his paper.

Other anticipators have somehow closely pointed papers in which presenter was trying to give classified remarks that mainly relating or rounding that training objectives Mahad form the good governance agency was behaving of the – and he mentioned that there are major gups for example when it comes to the buying materials like vehicles and etc. it’s the duty of the Municipality secretary to check all activity transparence and accountability and also he should be vigilant and nothing to be missed “all signature duties are 4 in the Municipality tasks and 3 of them is belonging to the secretary and also there should be independent committee whose have their free checking to whatever is going on in the Municipality duties” he said.

“it must that Municipalities should have sub head committee which its mandate is to get In touch with the contract committee whose their jobs is always to be traced with clearly and not be mixture with tribalism and nepotism” he mentioned and followed up “again the duties in which the secretary of the Municipality is holding he is the focal point person local government and the central government and therefore he should cheap more with transparent and accountability the property of the public and must be far from any corruption” he added.

At the coming closing the Mayor of Hargeisa Abdi Karim Ahmed Moge and his secretary Mr. Saed Nor have attended lastly with that induction training and the Mayor Moge has his closing remarked words and he more flattered to those delegating their 23 districts and he told them only 2 major points he want to highlighted and talking he said “ I want to talk only 2 very important points which are first to say you are Welcome and secondly your duty responsibility and because we are only one group and therefore we decided to work to gather instead to be busy tit for tit and we have eradicate that inside conflict among of us” Moge and he added if we shouldn’t be free from that our in quarrel and the civilians will be lasting with having no water, no clean roads, no good healthy and no more unity and development and our last time will be reached with no results” Mayor Moge.

Chef wiser Mohamed Ali Dalin is the head of the regional focal point office and he mentioned there should be transparent and accountability with inside of the regions and its districts and he gave warns to those sub managers of these regions and districts and tax collection should be listed with professionally system in contemporary computers ” here what i would like to inform you as all of the 23 district heads you are here you have collect your tax bills with well contemporary computerized system” Mohamed Ali Dalin.

” Osman Sheikh Osman Nor is the longest lasting secretary of Municipality in whole of the 23 districts as he yet holding the Burao Municipality secretary and said “on behaving of all the Municipality secretaries today its good for us that interior Ministry to re back its communizing and also my beautiful thanks words to the institute of local governments for its holding this potential training” said by — and he added that he would like to remove from the system all basing clan secretaries election with clannism and they should be nominated as independent system”

Prolonging his preach he throw appealing to the participants and whole Somaliland to give handful to those far residing nomads are today dealing with hard life and are hit by droughts, and Ahmed Suldan Adam from the UN Habitat again had his closing remark words and he told “on behaving of this induction training its very pleasure to me to have words in this closing time and therefore this JPLG is working many angles with basic sectors of the civilian social live.

Mr. Eid Musa is the head of the local Government institute (LHI) and had his closing remark words to words this induction training and how it was beautiful his office holds like this important seminar to his co worker with these 23 Municipality secretaries ( it was our pleasure as we are the institute of the local Governments in whole Somaliland to held with you this precious debate meeting and ended it with this good atmosphere” Eid Muse.

“we have had era trainings and not have seen such like this as you kept your active participation along with exposing very important tasks and we will have like this in the coming months in sha Allah and now am handing over to the microphone to the director general of interior Ministry  Mr. Abdurrashid.

Abdurrashid is the newly appointed director general of interior Ministry and he gave thankful to those 23 of Municipality secretaries and told they express their willing to add something to the up grading of Somaliland forwarding to its development and hoped those all Municipalities’  secretaries to have good progress in their dominance time “as my collogue Eid Musa told here i want ad my thankfulness to your commitment as you did your fully anticipation in this useful induction training” director general of interior Ministry.

Abdullahi is the security Minister on interior and he blessed to those have had this induction training for the  last two 3 days for their taken many draft articles were discussed with warmly by those secretaries ” to be honest the Municipalities are the real backburn to our economy development and the central government is also backburn to the security and holding other main issues” and added “the secretary of the Municipality is the connection rub between the central government to the local Municipalities” Vice interior Minister and the security head.

” if you kook ahead to the developed countries that central government tasks is inclusive but Municipality tasks is wide more than central government and if you have common understanding with your positions all will be done correctly and here also i have give thanks to the President Musa Bihi Abdi having for his return back 12% of their enshrined given constitution of Somaliland.

Mrs.Muna Mohamed Abdullahi the secretary of Dhahar Municipality is giving Certificate Muna Mohamed Abdullahi has been given honor certification for her being fully attending this 3 days training and excessively Sheikh District secretary also handed over honoring certification for his keeping the participation time.



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