Somaliland Nordic And Development House open Ceremony Have Taken place At Maan-soor Hotel


Hargeisa (SH)- Somaliland Nordic and development house development center office held at Maan-soor Hotel ,which is shared center with Uk, Sweden, Denmark and European Union to have a political office in Somaliland. Madam Kaltun Sheikh Hassan is the member of the electoral committee and she had the first word at this ceremony and this is what she said “we have a very endorsement in this event of the Union office to open in Somaliland and because already we have had a political contact and now it’s another opportunity having like this occasion and lastly giving my warm congratulations to those whose made this precious efforts into this relationship between Somaliland and the above mentioned union”

Mp Mohamed Hussein Jama had briefed with the out said see off in which he as member of the foreign committee of the lower house parliament and told his committee departure was to deliver there massage from Somaliland to the Scandinavian countries whose already have a connection to the Somaliland like the Somaliland Fun project in which is funding by the those Noric trade and development house countries.

Another MP Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed who, s is also am new MP urges those European office not to act on as already many have been acted when it comes to their political mission offices always not work permanently and telling this Nordic office should be like what saw “what am telling this ceremony of Nordic office is to work correctly and not be act as many like them have dealt in Somaliland and because we are a country which already have fulfilled all the full nation specifications as like any other nation in the world” Mp Yusuf.

Anwar Abdurrahman Warsame head of the Somaliland none state actors (SONSAF) and he congratulated to the members whose are pushing this office united office operation and he said “here is today only two points which is to say welcome and congratulation and again am saying thanks to our Somalilanders leaving in Scandinavian counties for their efforts to market Somaliland recognition to the rest of the world” Sonsaf head.

Mohamed Abdi Ismail is the Somaliland diaspora office head and he gave fully thanks to those effort made figures to have had their wonderful mission efforts and also he told that his office had partially tasks force this operation political made office “our office we have had a partially made this political office of Nordic to be reached like this fantastic moment” Mustafa Saed.

Mustafa is the Somaliland ambarella chairman in Sweden and the told this initiative was pushing for a long time and his umbrella have a tough effort to make it fruitable and reach like this ceremony moment “on behave of my Somaliland Swedish umbrella office we are very blessed to have reached such like this preciouses and we will re generate and benefit this union operation office”

Ayaan Yasin Jama is the general director of the National Woman under the Government of Somaliland and she had a well endorsed to this office but she more urged to the all political figures to give shares to the gender balance and Woman have to get chance in their political battel “on behaving of our Now Woman of Somaliland National Woman and we more endorsing this this office but my requesting it to any political figures to give chance to the Woman’s  role in their delegating to their gender section “Ayaan Jama.

Mohamed Saed Awale who was delegating to the Dahabshiil mentioned that Dahabshiil is well endorsing this united office and because the remarked that Dahabshiil is involved in any sector of the Social live either it’s a political role like this event or up grading of the Social lives “ on behaving  of Dahabshiil groups am telling you as you are aware of that Dahabshiil a business firm but in other side it involves in any of sectorial lives of the Society and therefore we are well endorsing this office operation in Somaliland” Awale.

Mohamed Osman is the head office of the pirate fighting office in Somaliland and he also told this united European office in Somaliland to be open is very important, also Yasin Nor Moge who,s was delegating to the Telesom and he made following as others have had remarks about this event words.

Zakaria Hassan Wais and Hanad Dahir Mohamed to whom were speaking about this ceremony have pointed their potential and wonderful talks in this, also Mr. Barkhad Ahmed whose was on behave of their tittles told this of operation will be will push and reinforced the existing bilateral between Somaliland and those European Union “on behave of the Market exchangers we are very pleasure to this office establishing and I hope that it will go ahead more to our values as free nation and it also will reinforce our bilateral cooperation between Somaliland European Union”Barkhad Ahmed.

Lennart vikstrom is member whose pushing behind this office operation and he told that he is more willing this office will have positive benefits for the Somaliland foreign face which era had been existing as bilateral country but not commonly like this “as I am member of the Swedish government am very positive for this Nordic office will work for Somaliland foreign face and hope me and Mustafa and rest of that office will work more and together” Mr. Lennart vikstrom.

Ahmed Aw-abdi (Habiib) have  mentioned that as he is  member of Havoyoco is vey happy to participate like this office opening events “as am member of Havoyoco team this office opening is very potential for our foreign face and words to the world eyes”

Zakaria Hassan Wais it the Somaliland Ambassador into the Swedish government for a long and he highlighted that Somaliland existence is more known in the Scandinavian countries especially his second citizen Swedish country “on behaving of my Ambassador tittle am very optimistic that this united office will enhanced up our political tasks in these Nordic countries and am giving fully thanks to those our Scandinavian friendships “Ambassador Zakaria Hassan Wais.

All these pictured phots have been taken by Mustafe Muxumed (Mustafa yare) from Horn Cable TV.




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