The Islamic Sharia Training To the Marodijeh Judges Closed By the Appeal Court Leader


Hargeisa (SH)- The second day of the ending lectures have proceeded given about the conditions of the judge situation in psychologically feeling either its bad sadness or very high temperature caused by all whatever can interfere psychological inside atmosphere of any judge who, s going to convict someone’s case and rest else like the bribe which can make mislead the righteous ending of the quarrel case in the court decision and that is facilitated by Dr. Sheikh Isa whose a jurisprudence. A lot he talked that any judge reached in his high temperature convicted caused by the above points either it’s a temperature interruption issues it’s a prohibition to say that case is convicted through right way “you judges here is the points in which is to be you have to be attention and not to reach decision conviction either it’s a your high temperature weather you are annoying or for your hot temperature atmosphere any conviction decision you reached will not be right” Dr. Sheikh Isa.

Thus the other main point he well gave explanation as we wrote above paragraphs was the bribe problems in which can come with any door from both those case pushers or by any other illegal process ways “you judges I want to remembered you the our context of court case deal judges are more given bribed and you are well aware of that bribe taken is highly spread in our court case management therefore be alert and keep guard to fall down these two killers of the justice” he added.

“It’s good that judges is to more be hidden from where he can see by the people for not to be interacted with society and not have friendly behavior to avoid to talk bribe or gifts from the people because of that can make interruption to his conviction of the court case process in which at that he may can give support to side of the argumentative case” Dr. Sheikh Isa added that.

Also he mentioned that conviction will not be make any change if it’s not happened at the right way “our prophet said you will come to me while someone of you are orator then other one and therefore if I convicted any one stick moth brush he or she most know what I have convicted for him is part of fir”.

At the second section of the facilitation was suggested by Dr. Sheikh Hussein Ali who’s also is a PHD holder from Saudi Arabia of Madina University and preached and detailed of his presentation slides which was carrying out more potential articulation points of about the Islam and the how it made correction conviction charges and its process during the reaching the last court decision.

“Religion of Islam gave defined who can be a judge and they pointed out and made clear that he should should be pitter for his Allah and not be who’s known as holding clear of evil deeds for example if he doesn’t do prayer he should not be nominated to be judge for the people” Dr. Sheikh Hussein Ali. Dr. also had give definition to the word of sue and he well defined “the word of sue is who want to gain other ounce’s right by illegal or by righteously way” he told.

“if the case pusher side i think he owning me that and this and not confirmed clearly for his owning that argument case he will be said you are leir and go out of the court you have nothing for your case” Dr. Added and made ahead to how holding shared names are can be separated or convict “if one name is sharing more then one person its to tell former ancestry linkage names until downed it far descents of his grand fathers” Dr. Hussein.

Dr. told if the case is not allowed in at the Islamic views for example if someone sued for another one he owned him peer which is prohibited in the Islam or the case pusher back is a prostitute Woman and she came in the court suing a man that he dealt with her sexy with prostitution her case will be bull and void in accordance with Islamic views or sharia law in Islam” but if the carrier is none Muslim or both are holding any religion of none Islam and they are in Islamic country but they are not happy with the Islam or they are in their Christian country the case owner he or she has a right that peer or like the prostitution money is right according to their Christian laws” Sheikh Hussein Ali ( Hussein Faraid)

“yesterday i have told you that only man can be court judge but it doesn’t mean totally that Woman cannot be a judger but Woman can be judge” he added, and also highlighted judges should confirms the existence and accurately of the case claiming in both sides” Dr. Hussein Ali exposed for example the judge knows about the quarrel case toots can he convict basing on his knowledge that case? no its not right and if he did it that case result will be null and void because there will be doubt for that convicted originality” he told.

At the end of that meeting training lastly preached by the head of the appeal court section of Marodijeh region and Mr. Ali Suudi Dirie he had short remarks on the talk stage and mentioned that participators in this two days training including himself were gained a benefitable lessons aiming at their judiciary needs, but before him head of the high court training section Ayaan Mohamed Ibrahim told that it was too preciouses and she had welcome to Dr. Sheikh Isa to say his closing words and he gave thanks to the high court for its donation to this useful training.

Dr. Sheikh Isa told if the unity of the judiciary servants make their unity and sharing information every think will be corrected, also Dr. Sheikh Hussein urges participants to be more nationalists and for that keep their nation sovereignty, then Mr. Zafer delegating from UNDP has swiftly told this training was more indispensable for the judiciary section “justice is not what have reached but is the built system of the governing to the nation or any other system” Zafer.

Also Mr. Zafer told “validation of the quarrel cases to whom have its righteous its very important and our role is to translate whatever rules passed by the Parliament houses and its main key that judger should have fully knowledge about his field tools” Mr. Zafer told that.

Mr. Ali who was on behave of the Solicitor office and had his fully attendee with that two days seminar and thanked whom had organized this meeting high court cooperating with UNDP. then Ali Suudi Dirie and had his ending words including that he urged Judges who have benefited this seminar to back to their societies especially their argument clients into what they have been lent since past two days from their PHD facilitator’s” here am giving thankful to those two of PHD holing sheikhs for their deep and profoundly facilitation and the seminar is closed” Ali Dirie Suudi.


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