A training for conviction and the process of the court case arguments held by the high court of Marodijeh region


Hargeisa (SH) – A training for verdict and the process of the court arguments is being held by the high court of Marodijeh region participating at least 35 members from the Hargeisa districts as they are delegating all of judiciary sections led by the head of the high judiciary committee and the chairman of the high court lawyer Adam Hajji Ali Ahmed and his companions along with the endowment and religious Minister Sheikh Abdurrazak Albaani.

Minister had his open words and talk about the importance of like this training since judiciary section is the back born of the human smoothness life and he warned those participators much to avoid taken bribery which he pointed as it’s the mostly killer and destroying human development, but he mentioned even if the judges not dire seek it people are trying to enforced judges to take it “I know you are clear and not want to take bribery but I know even if you don’t want to look it after people will try to enforced you to take it therefore you have to be carefully for the killer and the human destroyer which it’s the briber” Sheikh Albaani.

Chairman of the high court Adam Hajji talked about a lot of inside judiciary system and looked it any angle it could be pointed and he made a long preach which he gave detailed about the convection and argument processes which judges are needed more to act it with fairness and not to be, prejudice, but he told since ever Somaliland existing it’s the best time for the judiciary, arguments and verdict courts processes, but before took the microphone the appeal section head Mr. Ali Suudi  said “Today arguments are going smoothness and because our head of the judiciary and holding chair of the high court Adam Hajji Ali is always ready to keep going their keep with inside judges and be aware of their needs to be trained for conviction and argument processes”

Chairman of the High court Adam Hajji Ali has emphasized  knowledge has no end and every is holds new knowledge and the Almighty Allah told us part of massagers and may be all of you read Suratul-kahfi and its case of Khadir and Nabi-Muse” chairman of high court.

The judiciary committee head told what they have for the society is a service relating to their arguments and the conviction of the cases is highly rotating among the society and which is backwardness to their lives and therefore he urges judiciary team especially judges who’s from their judiciary districts of Marodijeh region to have taught decision and bravery during their case management and not laydown into one side “as we are the judiciary section we have service for the society therefore you have to have a tough decision and be bravery and don’t be one side argument” Adam Hajji Ali.

The chairman of the high court pointed out those working for the judiciary sections have sure knowledge in which can enabled them to arbitrate among the people and that is why they are selected to be judiciary team for their having knowledge “am sure you have enough knowledge which enabled you to be selected for to work the judiciary courts to do the right judgment among the people” Adam Hajji Ali.

Aggression and the violation to those have no defense power is the dark and shadow in the doomsday as the chairman highlighted quoting form the Sunna of the Prophet Mohamed peace and blesse be upon him therefore he warned participants to avoid any of injustice to their clients both or one side “because whatever you last long life once a day you will be accountable for Allah” he told them”

Adam Hajji Ali the High court chairman told to the judiciary section especially those are anticipating this judiciary and judgment training more to be alert for to be laydown or supported one side during the argument cases charging and “if you followed one side case the ax will back to in here after and be knowing the aggression and the injustice is a dark in the doomsday” Adam Hajji Ali.

On the other angle he mentioned many ways can be interrupted to the quarrel case between among the two sides including bribery to be under taken to the judges by one side or existing other linkages which can make the case wrongly did “what am warning  you again is to none alerted during your case judgement because of many things can make the case injustice and interrupted like to take bribery form one side or giving support for your being relatively so be know people are trying to miss guide the case smoothness and its righteous way” he added.

As he was giving details his preach he remembered training anticipators more to be leaving with fears of the Almighty Allah either doing argument cases or free for their won tasks “you judges you have to be leaving with more fears of Allah whenever and wherever you are during your case management or not because be a live as far as you want but once a day you will die and be know if you did wrong case or give support for one side in this life world tomorrow you will not be a live” he added.

Adam Hajji told to the judges more not interact with the populated areas like coffee tea shops because of secret of the case or whole judiciary system not to be spread in the civilians for two reasons 1 keeping for their security since they are between to side arguments which we know sometimes it cannot be make happy for both argument sides and the second is that judiciary secrets be kept and not be gun out into the public streets “what am telling you is to not interact with the society because two reasons one is for your security and the second is that judiciary secrets should not be gained by the public civilians because people want to steal your judiciary secrets and then make you mislead”

“Solitaries more should more check the righteous of the quarrel case and it’s their duty responsibility and also they have to investigate professionally in their conflict cases” he added that.

Also he told judges have to be readers of their case documents before they come in verdict meetings as to be fully knowledge about what is the root of that quarrel case but if the judges not give time to read deeply and profoundly to their case documents surely they near to fall into mistake “you all judges you have always completely read and give effort to the quarrel documents before you come your office with the argumentative sides otherwise you are near to convict a mistake judgement with one side and if you mislead the right path way of the case its responsibility will back to you”

“Once about the case will be convicted for one side but as a judge you have to have your clear decision and dire because of you cannot satisfied with all the sides and therefore case will be last long than usually hope time but when you reached your own judge and did it you will set breathing back and get full relaxation”

Both Sheikh Issa and Sheikh Hussein Ali are the facilitators of this two days sharia law and the role of the judges in case court processes.



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