Waddani Assembly 2 Closed With Electing Hirsi Ali to The Chairman of The party


Hargeisa (SH)- Stage preaches and comments of the Waddani rival party assembly 2 have begun as second day of ending this assembly tasks with early taken seats either party delegates or gusts invitees waiting the officially starring stage preaches and 9:33 PM chairman and his companions came at the ceremony hall with waving hands to the audience whose already took their seats, bag-biting and verses of the Holy Quran has been opened into the day of Assembly 2 and former vice Minister Ali Abdi Saiq has released nice poet phrases which its giving honors to his Waddani party.

Abdurrahman Bakal from diaspora giving greeting to stage audiences and he told the virus tribalism has spread widely into the society which he pointed out as Waddani party should be avoided all evil deeds like that behaviors “you all of my party members you tribalism is the virus killer disease which widely spread into our society and my suggestion for you is to avoid all bad behaviors such like tribalism and Nonparties” he added.

Saud Armiye Odawa spoke donated wide greetings to the Woman of here Waddani party and the Chairman Abdurrahman Irro telling he has honored high seats to the youth as far as he could do since yet he is a head of rival party, Mrs. Armiye told to gather to fight what she had called it’s a pleaded taxation which vulnerable society cannot endure “here am suggesting to gather to fight the civilian pleading taxation which is endurable for our vulnerable people” Mrs. Armiye.

Former Kulmiye Minister Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim Galaal have committed that the currently presiding Musa Abdi Bihi has done a lot in his last 4 years and for example mentioned he build the Berbera port which is the only feeding center for whole “here am telling you that our President Musa Abdi has done a lot since his domination time in the last four years and I can take one example for his build our only feeding center for whole Somaliland Berbera port as international system and am saying to you Mr. President thank you” Mr. Galaal.

Adam tarabi is a senior poet who had a lot history of poetry stages in Somali bands, and he appealed to the Somaliland President Musa Abdi to release all of none criminal prisoners including those young poetries jailed for their personal views “here I would like appeal President Musa Bihi Abdi saying to you stop the jailing poetess youngers and all none criminal figures” Adam Tarabi Ogle.

Mr. Irro were seeing reading the new amendment draft of constitution articles and also sometimes smiling and looking into the stage songs when the Band team voicing attracting words which was given honors to him and even encourages to be the next president of Somaliland, Zahra Ileys who’s a Woman Band confirms from today she is a member of Waddani party but she told she has here free right movements weather she singing for the national army or here Waddani party or else “here am declaring that from today I have joined to my Waddani party and also am telling to anybody am free and have my own personal view rights weather I singing for the national army or for my Waddani party”  Zahra Ileys.

Mrs. Band Ileys told she was called last night by here Military head team college warning her to stop Waddani singing songs since she is member of the Military forces for a 22 years and otherwise she will be fired and she insisted to continue her singing songs to the Waddani rival party and he she being told from today she will not be longer member of her Military forces and fired “I have been noticed either to stop joining Waddani party and will not singing songs or I will be fired from 22 years of memberships with my Military forces otherwise I will be fired and I have my choice and from today I have joined to my Waddani party and also am free for my moth weather and where I can singing songs” she added, and Mp Barkhad Jama Baton publicly announced that he will pay the salary of poet Zahra Abdullahi (Zahra Ileys) “ I will pay the salary of Zahra Abdullahi (Zahra Ileys) Mp Barkhad Jama Baton.

Then amendment of the new draft of the party noticed to be read and the chairman of the banner team Ex MP Abdulkadir Jirde called “now we on the verge of to read the new constitution of party” and ex MP lawyer Mohamed Salah red the articles of the new draft the 1230 delegates have unanimously voted for that new amendment of the draft law of the party.

Also delegates have hand up for voting that Hersi Ali Hajji to be the next chairman of the Waddani party in the coming 5 years “1225 members of delegates have positively voted Hersi to be the next chairman of the Waddani party in the coming 5 years starting from today” Abdulkadir Jirde. And 9 members voted for no for Hersi.

And also Madam Milgo Mohamed Sambaloolshe voted for yes to be the new vice chairman of the Waddani party and second vice chairman ex MP. Abdurrahman won 1730 votes also and 27 rejected, Ahmed Abdullahi (Harare) won 1770 and 47 voted for no.

Ex Mp Mohamed Hajji Yusuf Waabeeye gained 1213 votes for yes and 13 voted for no, and Suleiman Duale and rest of the members have won to be the rub guide of Waddani party and so the current secretary of the party Khadar Hussein Abdi again won for 1204 voted yeas to be the second term general secretary and also Jamal Jama Hamud voted 1215 votes for yes to be second vice secretary and 14 rejected. Hassan Hussein Odyare voted yes for the auditory party and also central chairman of the party and his vice and the regional secretary also have been selected.

Khadar Hussein Abdi the party secretary came on stage and called “we want here to honored and give award certificate, and the new elected chairman, along with the speaker of the lower House Abdurrazak Khalif are called to come on the stage” Khadar Hussein. And members of the leading activities in the party have been awarded including Pilot Ahmed Hussein Fag-fagas who, s has a long support to the party since it coined 2010 and Ex MP senior Abdulkadir Hajji Ismail Jirde former interim chairman of before today.

The vice Presidential candidate Ambassador Mohammed Aw-ali and he talked relating the Chairman’s handing over his chair position to Hersi Hajji before he wins and that is a great bravery “you know our party chairman Mr. Abdurrahman Irro as bravery he handed over his chair position of the party before he wins and that is a really great historic “Vice presidential candidate Ambassador Mohamed Aw-ali.

Then new voted chairman of Waddani party Mr. Hersi Ali Hajji called to come on the podium giving to his preach and talked about a lot including his era political history in which had Kulmiye and his joining to Waddani party years ago when he was fired his Kulmiye membership and he gave honors to the organizing committee for their well-done duties and in the like that he had honored former Chairman and Abdulkadir Jirde had honored him to be handed over to the party chairman “here am telling you our party leaders Presidential candidate Abdurrahman Mohamed Abdullahi Irro and Honorable Abdulkadir Jirde have honored me to be handed over to our chairman party and am giving fully thanks to them for their selecting me” Hersi Hajji Ali.

Also Hersi told he has a number of educational certifications along with more many experiences which enable him to lead this party successfully “I have a number of educational certifications and more experiences such my working with main of independent of governmental institutions like the electoral committee and resto of others which I believe it can enabled me to win my party leadership” the chairman.

“What we going is not to set on the dominant chair but it’s to survive our community basic needs and restore our lost justice ruling system “my dream is not to win to set on the dominant of plaza chair but it’s to make a good leadership and survive to our vulnerable people whose are currently dealing with high and hard live caused by the miss management of the ruling party system including the high inflation and the hard taxation which our people cannot accept” new Chairman.

“I would like my responsibility and duty tasks to be very clear and transparent and accountability while the rank officials of the party will be enabled to get good atmosphere in which they can work smoothness and positive life until we can reach to our running target which to win the coming presidential election” he added.

Mr. Chairman had pointed out words to the teenager, s rule should be clear and good culmination in their future and to be alert and jubilant for their good deeds and voluntary working for their society “you our youth am saying to you to be alterative and vigilant for your political map road and be kinds of your vulnerable society” Hersi Hajji Ali.At his preach he concluded the Band Zahra Abdullahi (Iley) for her Military case which she has been removed from her membership to her 22 years of Military membership “I was hearing as here it being said that a Band Zahra Abdullahi (Zahra Ileys) has been designated from her Military membership and noticed also she will no longer be given her duty salary and am saying that is more acerbation to her personal rights and calling to the government to give back her citizenship rights” he ended



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