National Political Party (Waddani) Assembly 2 Has Opened At Maan-soor Hotel


Hargeisa (SH)- The National Waddani party’s assembly 2 has opened this mooring with highly beautiful organized ceremony holding approximately over 5000 thousand including 1300 delegates whose gathered locally and the oversee, this 2 national assembly of prominent  viral party has postponed last month for request delegations who was coming from different countries to be fully attended in and out party delegates.

This general assembly is anticipating the chairman Abdurrahman Mohamed Abdullahi (Cirro) the lower house chairman Abdurrazak, the vice interim Abdulkadir Hajji Ismail Jirde, the second vice candidate Ambassador Mohamed Ali,  leader of the party and the coming new chairman of Waddani party Hersi Hajji Ali, Waddani MPs both upper house and the lower house, secretary general Mr. Khadar Abdi Hussein, cultural leaders, Woman, Youth more invited civilians whose gathered from the whole Somaliland regions and districts led by Marodijeh residents and other parties invitees, electoral committee and parties enrollment committee.

Ismail Adan Ismail the chairman of the assembly organizing had welcomed at the stage and he told that it’s to give thanks to the Almighty Allah and then he said “here we supplicating Allah our Party chairman Dr. Abdurrahman Mohamed Abdullahi Irro to replace the current president of Somaliland Musa Bihi Abdi say Aamin” Ismail.

The former interior Minister Ismail yare added that Waddani party is existing to delegate all Somalilanders and make inclusive by any one, “75 we were doing this assembly tasks fort as we were 13 committee named by the chairman and thanks to Allah the we reached today what we were waiting for long time and now I may hand over microphone to the new candidates and the current secretary who is again standing to that position Khadar Abdi Hussein” he said.

Then he called names of the coming vice chairman candidates and a number of candidates who each is willing to get success, then the Chairman Irro give thankful to those organizing committee for their talents and tireless and he named number of rank officials to be selected as they will be the new banner team of the guiding conference led by the interim vice chairman Abdulkadir Hajji Ismail Jirde and he said “here am calling names of banner team guiding of our two days conference and am requesting to vote for my suggestion either you accept or you reject ”Irro said that and all the those officially selected as they are real party delegates have unanimously voted except 2 members. “Laydown your hands thank you more this committee from now are our regular guiding assembly “he added.

Mohamoud Jama Warfa is the regional chairman of the Kulmiye ruling party and he told that this Waddani party Assembly is very endorsing by his Kulmiye party “here am saying we are as the ruling party Kulmiye are very endorsing this Waddani Assembly and thank you”Jama Warfa.

Mr. Hamari is a member of UIC party spoke oratory and told that he saying Aamin for Ismail’s, supplication the President Musa to be replaced by Waddani Chairman as the coming President of Somaliland in 2022 “although we as the UCID party have an ambition to won the coming president of Somaliland but am saying god except the Ismail’s du,a that Musa to be replaced by our counterpart leader Abdurrahman Irro”

The Chairman of National party Mr. Irro has prolonged his preach to the weakness of the ruling party head Mr. president Musa Bihi Abdi including not extended to follow up his former political steps and to set down with all recognition linkages from the world countries which more about the Somaliland recognition is depend on them and it’s to give more efforts search Somaliland recognition and that is the duties of Musa Bihi.

Mr. Irro talked about a long history related to his era experiences in which Somaliland missed to nocked recognition doors since Musa Bihi Abdi came to the power “when I was the chairman of the last parliament me and other high portfolios rank officials including Bashe met with more min political leaders including the African Union leaders, Ghana leaders and Ethiopian more political figures including chairman of Ethiopian federal parliament talking with all of them about the Somaliland recognition and many of them expressed as positive nodding “when was chairman of the parliament I have done a lot traveling to more countries including Africans leading different delegates including Bashe Mohamed Ade and rest of prominent figures searching Somaliland recognition from those we haven meeting with then like African Union leaders, Ghana and Ethiopian parliament leaders talking all of them about to push Somaliland recognition” Waddani party chairman Mr. Irro.

He added that he got secret documents expressing that more of the world countries who’s willing to have engaged to Somaliland issues told to the President of Somaliland Musa Bihi Abdi to set down with Somalia and start to negotiate with them about future linkage make free Somaliland, and he also mentioned President Musa lost more chances which he may can benefited for Somaliland recognition and he is failed more as he lied his remarks to participated the last inauguration of second term of Ethiopian prime Minister Aby Ahmed “the failing of our president Musa Abdi to operate Somaliland foreign State recognition is clear and after 30 years there is a question mark that our recognition mission is deteriorating and weakening day after day since Musa took power and because for example he failed to be invited last month inauguration of the Ethiopian prime Minister Aby Ahmed ceremony” Irro.

“The world interest leaders to Somaliland have suggested that our President Musa Bihi Abdi to Set down with Somalia and make negotiation about Somaliland recognition but he didn’t do more about that” he told and added that he had a long ambition when he was establishing this Waddani party including to create a road map of hard political system in Somaliland atmosphere to make upgrade for the youth and the young politician dreams fruitfulness “I have stablished this national Waddani party in 2010 and I become its chairman when I was fairly and unanimously delegates voted for  me to be the chairman of the party” he added.

Mr. Irro told he UCID Chairman Engineer Faisal Ali Warabe was his UCID party chairman since 2002 and now and former President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo have handed over the current President Musa Bihi Abdi to chair of Kulmiye Part when he won in his goal in 2010 while Musa Abdi the President of Somaliland yet not handed over the Kulmiye party chairing to another one since he won into his presidential goal and today he Mr. Irro declared publicly that he ready to hand over chairing of his Waddani party leader to Hersi Ali Hajji Hassan by tomorrow and he said “Faisal Ali Hussein who’s the first Somaliland party coiner since 2002 -2021 yet he is the chairman of Ucid party and Ahmed Silanyo has handed over Kulmiye party after his won and Musa Bihi Abdi yet he is the chairman of Kulmiye ruling party and not handed over it to another and I was the youngest Political party leader in Somaliland and here am declaring that I have set down to run again for the Waddani chairman” Abdurrahman Mohamed Abdullahi (Irro)

In other words Mr. Irro told since Muse Bihi took the power he dealt badly with the media and those rival party members and more over put in the jails without clear sins and talking about that these are his remarks “since President Musa took the power he accustomed to dealt badly with the media and the rival parties and many of them put in the jail and this year is the worst for the media and rival parties for”

One honorable gust suggested if Waddani want to win at the coming presidential election they must do justice to the rest of Somaliland society and themselves “I would honestly to remember Waddani party if they want to win at the coming election they have to do justice with the rest of Somaliland people and among of themselves” gusts.

Bands have waged and entertainment songs to make jubilation in the stage audience and narrated “that blue wave is Waddani and other songs which made participator’s attention vigilant and clubbed. Former Information Minister and the horn of Mohamoud Hashi Abdullahi Mohamed Dahir Ukuse told he very indulge and told “its thank to Allah to be witness that to be present that former President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo handed over late interim president Abdurrahman Ahmed Ali tur and today am witness that Abdurrahman Irro is handing over to Hersi Ali Hajji and that is to make correction from Abdurrahman tur and Musa Bihi what have had miss taken” Ukuse.

Akuse added that he doesn’t like to talk about his former Kulmiye party either bad or well and the members of new Kulmiye are did whatever he could tell badly in Kulmiye “I don’t want to tell ill or well to my former Kulmiye ruling part but its new Kulmiye are enough to all what I could say ill to Kulmiye, and he mentioned that there was recent days Kulmiye letters which thrown into the streets and a lot of national secrets which is totally prohibited and its abuse to the nationalism system and called for Kulmiye ruling party to stop illegal aggression and personal attacking among them as in Kulmiye “now days we are aware of more letters were throw out from its offices and ill aggression attacking one to one in Kulmiye Party and also spreading national secret letters and am saying please Kulmiye stop all these illegal actions and keep the national secrets” Ukuse.

Mr. Ukuse in publicly declared that he cuts off totally his Kulmiye party linkage and even resigned its membership but although he directly not mentioned he joined to Waddani party he is member of Mohamoud Hashi horn those coming closing to declare their joining to the Waddani rival party “here am declaring that I have totally resigned membership of the Kulmiye ruling party” Ukuse.

Former regional director of Kulmiye who’s removed his chair by Kulmiye era as jubilant Jama Shabel and he called Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar pointed out that Waddani party is a big national party which is leading the Somaliland democracy and its very different from the rest parties “Waddani is a big national party and also its too democratic party than other rest parties “Jama Shabel, Jama Shabel remembered those portfolio candidates should have start their candidate tasks from the far regions of Somaliland not only Hargeisa “am calling for those new portfolio candidates to start their tasks campaign from the far regions of Somaliland but not only in Hargeisa” he told.

The new lower house MP Mohamed Abib talked about the won of Waddani part in the last election of both Municipality and the lower house especially he oratory flattered to the lower house leader Abdurrazak Khalif his wonderful win and other wining phenomena which he forecasted that Waddani party will win at the coming of presidential election “the win of our lower house leader Abdurrazak Khalif and all Municipality chairs except Gabiley and Berber it’s a clear massage which we can understand Waddani party will win at the coming of presidential election” Mp Mohamed Abib.

One who was on behave of Waddani UK spoke and gave thankful to the Assembly organizing committee for their good responsibilities and he figured out that Waddani Chairman has managed this part leadership peaceful and democratically system “here am telling you that our chairman leader Abdurrahman Irro had well management for his leadership and democratically system in our Waddani party. The horn youth leader Abdurrashid congratulated all youth of Waddani rival party wherever they are and he also mentioned that those democracy exercised countries whose won their leadership and developed peaceful systems have benefited from their youth talents and energy “if you head those developed countries have won their leadership systems they benefited from their youth talent and their energy and our Waddani party gave youth more portfolios seats” Abdurrashid.

New MP of the lower house Sheikh Saed (Sokeye) told any meeting seats not mentioned by the holy prophet Mohamed Alaihi salatu-wasalam and the other hand he pointed out that extension of the chair and the presiding is not willing of the people and event not system of the contemporary democracy and the responsibility is lost when its being given whose not applicable and also he told that coming leader of Waddani party Hersi Ali is a very nice man and even he fairly worships to the Allah” Mp Sokeye.

Khadar Hussein Abdi is the general secretary of the national Waddani party and first he talked about his party wills to win coming election and the party has a more brilliant senior of political leaders led by Abdulkadir Hajji Ismail Jirde who he got more political trainings form him and this is what he said “am too post of that our Waddani party will win at the coming election because we have brilliant and political expert leaders led by Abdulkadir Hajji Ismail Jirde who I have lent more updating political trainings and also he is  my grandfather” secretary general Khadar Hussein Abdi.

Detailing his preach he red more about the history of the party from the day its being coined and today and it’s been made by group of political expert team led by spiritual leader of Waddani Abdurrahman Mohamed Abdullahi Irro “our national Waddani party have been coined in 2010 by members of political expert leaders led by our chairman Abdurrahman Irro and hopefully we will win at the 2022 election” khadar Hussein Abdi.

Lower house spokesman Abdurrazak Khalif told “first I am giving thanks to Abdulkadir Jirde who is our born back as Waddani party and also Mr. Cirro our leader is brilliant and spiritual leader for their leadership in a good direction to this party till we reached us this precious moment day” Abdurrazak Khalif.

Mr. Khalif remarked that Waddani party has reached this historical day for their resistance and patient which is only the way political party can get win “now it’s to say for both coming president Mr. Irro and his vice Mohamed Ali congratulation for your coming poling success of presidential wins” delegates will come back 8:00 sharp morning and more tasks including preaches of the new chairman of Waddani party who’s willing to be handed over the responsibility of chairing party by tomorrow and rest of portfolios filling along with more talks then preach of the new Waddani chairman Mr. Hersi Ali Hajji Hassan will end the whole assembly 2 tasks.






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