Boodhari Mills And Indha-birta Group Have Signed A United Deal


Hargeisa (SH)-Two National Companies of Boodhari mills and Indha-birrta today have signed united deal of cooperation which highly organized ceremony at Maan-soor Hotel, the the two company,s heads have publicly singed their unity conceal deal in  media recording their signing, which means from today on that Bodhari and Indha-birrta will cooperate closely and its being told that Bodhari flor product will sell in the local markets by the Indha-birrta company while Bodhari will be benefited from the sun electricity produced by the indha-birrta con company and use all kind of its utilities instead of the private power electric.

That unity declaration of ceremony have anticipated by the two company’s chairmen, cultural leaders, politicians, intellectuals, Woman,s horn Kulmiye ruling party and other gusts  and rest of the both company,s servants, have, head of the Boodhari Mills Mr. Abdurrahman nor  had explained the major core of their unity deal which he endorsed and hoped for a lot fruitable unity cooperation at will come at the future for the both united companies, also Mr. Nor told that Bodhari Meals company is too wide and shared by whole Somalis and therefore it reached in whole Somali regions and now after unity will be wide more than ever “Bodhari is a big company and its shared by whole of Somali regions therefore it reached far distances” Bodhari head.

Mr. Nor told that 1.5 meg watts of sun electricity is produced by its jointed indha-birrta and therefore no reason to set back and not benefits that sun power solar which is producing by the indha-birrta company “ head of Boodhari Mills company Mr. Abdurrahmaan Nor. Mr. Nor told since that Bodhari become larger food producer, and thus its to delegate another distributer therefore they decided to reach deal agreement with the Indha-birrta to distribute Bodhari production to the local market “Boodhari become a large producer company and therefore we cannot stand with all small food shops and stores therefore we decided to hand over Indha-birrta do to be sub supplier for our product in the local market “Abdurrahman Nor.



Mohamed Ahmed Hussein is the chairman of Indha-barta Group of companies and to told that he is too endorsing this bilateral unity signed of deal agreement as Indha-birrta and its counterpart of Bodhari Meals company “first am saying to you are welcome for being with us for this historic unity signing “Mohamed Hussein.

Prolonging his preach he point out that his company is contained three main sections  and telling that he said ” my compnay has a three major of production sections 1- Electricity department 2- food production department 3- and fuel department” he told that both company to gather decided to make jointly power unity.

Doctor Mohamed Abdullahi is the director general of Indha-birrta group of companies and he figured out that food is the most indispensable for the human lives, therefore his indha-birrta since era was engaging to fill out that more utilities exporting from outside including the electricity department and also gave more flattered to their newly jointed Bodhari Meals for their covered flor need out and more in the local flor needs “here am telling that Bodhari has covered more outside need for the food exportation and therefore am flattering them since they are newly established company” Dr. Mohamed Abdullahi.

Doctor Mohamed also he had mentioned that Bodhari swiflty has reached in a large area in whole Somalia and even in Africa parties and therefore its going with higly speed “Bodhari its not small as its newly established but its large company and therefore reached whole of Somali regions and even passed to the neighbrood countreis in Africa and yet its moveing forward”Docotor Momahed.

Mohamed Ismail Duale is from diaspora and he is member of Bodhari Meals rank officials and standing on the stage he endorsed this company,s unity signature and told since main heads spoke that he has no more position to prolong his preach and this is what he told “as its being said that Bordhari meals is belonging to by while Somalis and therefore its a large firm which am hopping at the new future to covered all Somaliland of flor exportation in the out side”Mohamed Ismail Duale.

Engineer Abdi Ali Barkhad is the electricity engineer who has a long experience of electricity and he named himself as he is the father of electricity in whole Somaliland am Abdi Ali Barkhad and i am the father of Somaliland electricity whole and hope you know i was the first power light establisher in Somaliland” he added that.

On the other hand he flattered to his chairman of Indha-birrta Mohamed Hussein Ahmed that is he nationalist man since he is investing in a long kilo miters only himself in which is far distance while it was Government to do so “the chairman of Indha-birrta groups he is very nice man and because he is doing what the Government was to do and he is making electricity investment from Hargeisa to all the way Abaarso district only himself company” Engineer Barkhad.

and he added that one whose getting the most and speedily benefits is not Indha-brrta but its Bodhari “am telling the truth the one who is getting more benefiting and gaining the swiftly gaining profits is not Mohamed Hussein and his firm Indha-birrta but its Bodhari mills because Indha-birrta still is investing his money and to gain profit it takes time but Bodhari is just now is collecting that profits” Engineer Barkhadd.

Mohamoud Abdi Malow is the director general section of Energy department at Ministry of Mineral and energy and he mentioned that he is very keen on to be with this precious and memorial event signing as he is for that position “on behave of the Government today am very pleasure to be with you for this signature and unity deal agreement reached by Bodhari and Indha-birrta Companies and also am undertaking that my Government is too willing to develop this unity reached issue both food and electricity and we will stand with this new signing deal agreement” Mr. Malow.

Head of Bodhari Mr. Abdurrahman Nor again back to the microphone giving answer  feedback from the words that remarked by Engineer Barkhad and he even if his Boodhari become the one which swiftly is gaining the profits it doesn’t main but initially that Boodhari vision was not to collect money from the society but it was that society to get substitute of local food produced in their homeland and not really on outside exportation foods “am not talking more but only to say two words Engineer Barkhad told that one who is getting swiftly profits is not Indha-birrta but its a Bodhari Meals but am telling to be honest that initially vision of our Bodhari Meals was not to gain more and collect it from the society but our vision was to covered the needs for flor form the outside and succeed to produce our local foods and thanks to Allah we reached that”Bodhari Chairman Abdurrahman Sheikh Ahmed Nor.

Suldan Ismail is a member of the upper house (Guurti) and first he glorified to the Almighty Allah for his peace and prosperity and uncountable of good deeds, secondly he told that this unity deal agreement signing is phenomena of good direction in which those firms are doing good develop and needed step forward “today am telling you we are in historic concealing unity signing which since ever i haven’t anticipated such like this moment”Suldan Ismail.

in other words that Suldan mentioned he was present when the first stone was lying down years ago and today its another memorial day for him to be witness again one of main step for word to Bodhari meals firm “today its another historical day for me because i was including whose laydown its first stone years ago and am happy to be witness again for golden moment and also its a good opportunity for both firms to sign unity cooperation” Suldan Ismail.

“Suldan has remembered to the Government to work closely to those united firms and and give them hand to do well their duties for the people and he emphasized its a good for the civilians to gain cheep of power light for those firms whose announced they made reform for their former of light price and reduced into 0.5 while era it was charging 1 USD “am flattering those Bodhari and Indha-birta their announcement to reduced their former price of power light into 0.5 per watt” Suldan Ismail.

Also Suldan Barkhad-as has commented about this highly endorsed unity signing and shortly he told this is very important for whole Somaliland and especially for those made unity sign to have a cooperation for their business production “really this is very important for both firms and also i see that people can get benefits from their business product “Suldan Barkhad-as.

Suldan is one of prominent of cultural leaders and  forecasted for this unitary firms that its a good hope for both companies and their costomers since they will gain more service and also he added as others said that this unity signing which those two firms have agreed upon to make cooperation at the coming future starting from th13 November 2021 ” this signing unity is a very historical day and the general Suldan of Subeer-Awal is our cultural boss and no one can give preach after him and now am calling him to say his words and close the ceremony welcome Suldan “Suldan Sabayse.

The General Suldan of Subeer Aawal Suldan Hassan Suldan Abdurrahman Suldan Dirie has concluded that event speeches with short words but before he said his last words he highly endorsed this unity signed and figured out that its a good for word for Somaliland and he blessed those both firms to get more benefits from their business product “am supplicate the Almighty Allah to give them more benefits from their business and i say we have to all work to gathter with these firms”


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