Solja Highly Managed 6th Awke Award Ceremony of The 2021


Hargeisa (SH)- The Somaliland Journalist Association (SOLJA) held its 6th Awke award of  contest of the journalist kills program, which is yearly held by Soljo, and this program was initiated 22 October and it was lasting till th6 October, and those media reporters especially whose decided to be part of that contesting award programs has submitted their names including satisfactory feeling relating to the topics which have been selected to be the core contesting for that Awke award program which also was named by the arbitration committee.

That narration program ceremony was started early on Tuesday 9 October and at least 150 Journalists who have delegated from their institutions have took their seats before the ceremony starting, while those contesters not now who will be the first winner and each of the 9 winner’s heart and mind was thinking of which number he or she will be called.

Number of Ministers and general directors including those international and none governmental of local NGO,s delegators were anticipated that Awke award ceremony including the information Minister Suleiman Ali Kore , communication and technology Minister Abdi-wali Sufi and more else of rank officials. Who’s mostly stood on their stage preachers about the Somaliland media ethics relating to while they give reporting or analyzing stories of their media roles, and also those rank officials committed how the role is very important for the social live development or the nation forwards.

Coming to the last have day preachers come to the an end before the sun rise down amplified by the Somaliland vice President Abdurrahman Abdullahi Sailie along with the director of information Ministry Mr. Mohamed Yusuf osmail came later in the ceremony hall stage “now we welcoming to the Somaliland vice President Abdurrahman Sailie and his companion have club for him” said that Abdirashid Abdi-wahab whose were narrating that going smoothness of the ceremony.

Mohamed Yusuf Ilka- ase is member of Soljo board members and he explained swiftly who this awake award program was organized this year of 2021 and the media contesters were selected as winners “on behave of the arbitration committee this program has started 22 October 2021 was lasting only 6 days while that time contesters were given for different assessments topics such like the Covid19 issues, keeping of environmental health and etc.

  1. Writing
  2. Voice of Radio narration
  3. TV live style narration
  4. and Photo Journalism were the main core of the contesting items as mentioned by ilka-ase “the points which were given to those contesters to contest were as following 1-the writing 2. The voice of Radio narration 3.The TV live style narration 4. and the photo journalism” he remarked that, and the other hand he told that those media reporters who early enrolled to take part that Awke award contesting program were 57 but only 9 journalists were come to the finally stage “the reporters whose early have been enrolled were 57 members but coming the end only 9 members were come out to be winners” Mohamed Yusuf.

“I know more of We the preparatory committee did justice, fairly and honestly as Allah knows us and what we were working was only number of codes and therefore none of us he or she we don’t know who is the first winner and so on and I think some of you may be are thinking we did nothing justice among of your contesting arbitration but as Allah knows us we were working as only number of codes and we don’t know who will be the first or the second and also the third and etc.” he said.

Zakariye Ahmed Mohamed is the director general of Somaliland Journalist Association (SOLJA) and he and his board team has done well organized event of this 6th Awke award ceremony and he congratulated to those contested and come to the finally as winners for their commitment and resistance during their work of preparation assessment topics “today is very memorial day for all of us and here I am giving thanks to those winners for their commitment and resistance during their given assessment” said that director general of Soljo Zakariye Ahmed Muhumed.

Also Mr. Zakariye too emphasized that this 6th Awke award contest came to with that this world is still dealing with corona virus problems Conner to Conner, and therefore they included the contesting topics about the corona virus or delta virus affects to the world and most contesters were wrote about the corona problems which it leaved to the world societies “as you are aware of today the world is yet fluctuating by the corona virus or delta virus affects and how it weekend the world health and its economic movement and that is why most of the contesters were engaged to wrote about the corona virus and its problems” Soljo director.

Mohamed Yusuf Ismail is the director general of Ministry information which all these activities are inclusive its wall and told at the stage podium as he was speaking that he is feeling nice moment in accordance with this ceremony issues and this is what he had remarked “today we come here to say congratulation to those contest winners and even not winners are winners all because of our people knows to get shay of when the failed but the reality is far from and I thing failing itself  is king of succeed” Mohamed Yusuf.

On the other angle the director general of the Ministry information Mohamed Yusuf told that this year is ever less jailed journalists and violated rights of media houses since Somaliland stood it self and he justified that it leads the good management of the director general of Solja Mr. Zakariye Ahmed Muhumed along with his board team cooperation with good direction “also here am giving you briefing that this year is the most nice for the Somaliland journalists and because they are survivable from the harassment and to be jailed since ever Somaliland its exist” the director of information.

Mohamed Yusuf as long as he was prolonging his remarks he told if the relation ship between the independent media houses and the information Ministry he hopes that all kind of reporter’s harassment and jailing will be zero at the coming two years “all kind of Somaliland journalist harassment and jailing my hope that it will be eradicated and will be zero jailed journalist” Mohamed Yusuf.

Coming to the end Somaliland vice President Mr. Sailie has closed that precious moment day for the Somaliland Journalist Association (SOLJA) but before he officially closed that event he gave thanks to those reporters whose won this media up grading contesting program for their willing to develop their media business skills “here am giving thankful to those contested and become winners for this Awke award ceremony of 2021″the vice President.

Another angle the Vice President told that its the duties of this state to help the media houses and therefore they will stand up with the Journalists to help them “its our duty to stand up with you and we will help you “he remarked these words.

Here is names of those came at the end to won

1.Abdurrahman Ahmed Elsar

2.Aminn Mohamed Ahmed

3. Hodo Ilyaas Mohamed

4. Ahmed Abdurrahman Elmi

5.Naima Abdurrahman Yusuf

6. Abdi-aziz Mursal Mohamed

7. Sa,ad Ahmed Aideed

8.  Farhan Mohamed Aideed

9. Hodan Ibrahim Oogle (the first winner she got new laptop)

Names of the arbitration committee

  1. Hussein Ali Nour
  2. Mohamed Ilka,ase
  3. Mohamed Aw-adan Abdi
  4. Dahir Mohamoud Haddi
  5. Mona Ibrahim Doctor
  6. Ibrahim Ma,aneey.


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