National employment forum meeting Was Held by Ministry of Labor And the Social Affairs


Hargeisa (SH)- The Ministry of labor and the social affairs held a one day meeting discussion about the National employment forum which 18 of local job creation were anticipated and rounded well debate on the table leading by the director general of labor and the social affairs Ministry Abdirashid Ibrahim Abdi who as oratory spoke to the anticipators and this is what he  had remarks.

“at the coming two months we will be reviewing what we have had and we will give you report what we have done and three committee were named including the job creation committee and that committee already have their meeting on this issue” the director general of Ministry labor and social.

“As we do our role we took the responsibility of the work area in our Somaliland and we made reform words to those whom have residing law in Somaliland and already it’s started in Las-ano and now it’s going on in Erigabo and passing to Burao and any one whose have no permission law will be departure soon”Abdirashid told that his Ministry created 9 local labor union including the teacher’s union and construction “we made 9 labor unions including the teacher’s union” he added.

On the other hand he mentioned as his Ministry has issued an issue an order that concerned to the smoothness of law employment which lastly passing to the high court and it has two ways to reject or accept” he added. The director general told that the departure of those were departed from Las-ano to Baidao accusing of their leaving in Somaliland without natively left affected to miss all the low of hand skills like how the tails ley down as perfect and professionally “the deportation of the south eat people from Las-ano has left it impact of luck skilled people for example cultivation of toilets and how tails ley down is missing now after we departed all whose from east west of Somalia and if that deportation is started in Erigabo and other towns of Somaliland we will have no any killed people so before the deputation of those south skilled people we have alert ” Abdirashid Ibrahim.

As he was prolonging his remarks he told that they gave donation of income generating to 30 Women whose were too eagerly need to give hand and now his Ministry is engaging to make investment to another 30 Women “we gave hand 30 Women who receive as family $500 and now we are preparing also to give support another 30 Families which we hope it will make up grading for their lives” the director.

Kamal Hassan who was delegating and also is the head of protection sector of Havoyoco has gave thanks to the Ministry and labor and Social affairs for its actively engagement to its mandatory issues and he told as Havoyoco “here am giving thankful to the Ministry of labor and the Social affairs for its fully actively engaging for its mandatory sections “Kamal Hassan Isaq”

Kamal Hassan told that Havoyoco did a lot of trainings for the regional youths for example the trained 25 youths for the water plumbing and another 25 youth were also trained for cooking foods and 25 were trained for Journalism skills and 25 were learned the electricity skills and another 35 youth were learned tailoring skills and fortunately all of them were given internship and those were benefited these opportunities University of Hargeisa University student were included.  

Abdi-hamit is the director of Somaliland National Youth Organization (SONYO) and he shared with his feeling on participation in that meeting and he mentioned that a 120 of youth were trained for core life skills duration for three months and 66 graduates were gave trained for employment skills and another 85 are in training now, and 150 teenagers are in job skills training at the center skills “we did a lot to give skills support to 120 people core life skills training for three months and also we gave trained to 100 youth for business cooperation “Abdi-hamit.






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