Somaliland Electricity Access Project (Seap) Somaliland Offi-Grid Solar Grant Facility Contract Awarding Event


Hargeisa (SH-The above titled project event held at Maan-soor Hotel which was organized by the Dahabshiil International Bank, cooperating with Ministry of Energy and Minerals, along with the World Bank, Engineer Liban Mohamed has the opening words and he explained the behind am of this  awarding event and whose won that Somaliland off-Grid Solar Grant.

The head of the energy department Engineer Liban Emphasized that this awarding event is to enhance and up graded to those small of Solar business sector to provide the local civilian cheap electricity “today is very blessed day for us to come to gather to the annunciation of this beautiful awarding event to the small off-grid Solar grant Facility contract event” Engineer Liban.

“All press to be Allah for his prosperity peace and stability and today here we are give details about the above titled event and its the first to launch as like this project which is allocated to give enhance those small solar provider enterprises” Also eh mentioned that Solar workers will be trained.

Abdullahi Farah Abdi is the Energy and Mineral Minister who officially opened this conference have had his remarked feeling surrounding this issue and he talked about the necessity of this project of the Somaliland civilians “the aim we are here today is to officially announce opening of this useful project which 12 enterprises were won” Minister of Energy and Minerals.

Also Abdifatah told that there was initially 26 interests enterprises and 17 proposals from whose were also hoping to become winners  but finally only 12 enterprises have won to be selected for project “first we have had a 26 interest companies and 17 proposals submitted while the winners finally become selected as only 12 enterprise” Abdifatah.

on the other hand he give thanks to the both Dahabshiil International Bank and the World Bank for their supporting this competition project ” i would like here to say thank you both Dahabshiil International Bank and the World Bank for their give support, to provide cheap power electricity for our nation either rural people and urbans” Abdifarah.

“Staring point to get cheap power electricity we and Dahabshiil International Bank” narrated these words by Abdifatah who was narrating this award Event, Sayid Ali is the Golis Solar coiner and also he can call the first initiative person of the Somaliland Solar provider. Abdi-hakim   is the deputy of Dahabshiil International Band and he told that Dahabshiil is very blessed to be witness opening opening one of the major and benefitable project projects for Somaliland civilians “i would like to add some details about this benefitable project and behave of the Dababshiil International Bank as Dahabshiil we are very blissed to be part of this project” Abdi-hakim Mohamed the Deputy CEO of Dahabshiil International Bank.

The CEO of DBI told this project will validation will be managed by Dahabshiil and also will have the follow up authorization to those won this project donation “we the DHI will have the managing tasks of this grid -off Solar Grant Facility” Abdi-hakim Mohamed Deputy of DHI.

Mustafa Mohamed Ali who was behaving of Ministry of rural Environment told this project is very useful for the lives of all civilians especially those rural society if this project provided with transparent “this project is min useful for all of us especially our rural people whose are too eager to get enough and sustainable power energy through the contemporary energy of Solar” Mustafe Mohamed Ali.

A chairman member of the Energy committee Ex Minister Ahmed Adare told this awarding project is too indispensable for the civilian lives “this project is very indispensable for our social lives and here giving thanks to our Government led by Mouse Bihi Abdi along with Dahabshiil Bank and the World Bank and hope Dahabshiil will go a head more to succeed managing this project till at the end” Mr. Adare.

The Vice Minister of Finance Roda Jama Elmi told that this is the one of the most proud of projects done for the development of the Somaliland Civilians and she pointed out that here Ministry is well endorsing this enable project ” we the Ministry of Financial development we are blissing too to see launching of this project providing by Dahabshiil Bank and as well as the World Band along with the Energy and Mineral Ministry” Vice Minister of Financial Development.

Mostafa Mohamed Ali is the labor and family Minister and when he was addressing at the event stage he mentioned that this project is one of the min and post off project for ever in Somaliland history. And this is what he remarked “as my colleagues told i agree with them as they quote both Ministries, Abdi-hakim from Dahabshiil and those Solar enterprise delegates” Labor Minister

As was prolonging his statement Mustafa he highly flattered Dahabshiil Enterprise for its tireless supporting of its covering all kind of needs by our civilians therefore Dahabshiil is a holy enterprise because it standing with any of social needs to give support not only this solar project” Minister Mustafa Mohamed Ali.

At the end of that awarding event Minister of the Labor and the family affairs have their signing to gather of this project maintenance with transparence and accountability while its duration validation, while as well as the solar enterprises delegators gave their signatures with Dahabshiil and the Ministry of Labor and the family Affairs, along with the Energy and the Mineral Ministry.

There will be nearly million of US Dollars  as $947 which will be given to those solar provider enterprises to provide civilians cheap electricity power than ever while they have given more donation like that to have deal with the civilians with the best cheaper offer power electricity.

At the closing Minister Farah had the last comments and also have flattered Dahabshiil  International Bank for their handling this solar award project “here am giving congratulation and also flattering to the Dahabshiil International Bank for their managing and having part of follow up at this Somaliland Grid-off Solar awarding Event Facility” the Minister of Energy and the Minerals Abbdi-farah.






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