6Th Local Government Institute’s Board of Directors Meeting was held today at Maansoor Hotel


Hargeisa (SH)-The Institute of the local government Institute (LGI) held its 6 meeting with Somaliland local Government heads and the civil Service institute at Maan-soor Hotel which aims at maintenance of their local municipality budget year of the 2022, the based legitimacy document coined this institute and other main issues, which is surrounding with both civil service institute and the local Governments. Such like the coming years transparent administrates.

This meeting is gathered Mayors or deputes, director Generals of the General Activity and the Financial Ministers.Abdikarim Ahmed Moge the Mayor of Hargeisa, Abdi-Shakur Mohamed (iddin) Mohamed Ahmed the Mayor of Borama were presenting at this meeting hopefully to present their willing direction to what is surrounding their border activities and to find also to gain good financial supports for their municipality office’s running cost at the 2022 year budget.

At the opening of this meeting members of those were participating has cast their feelings at this main issues talking about the as the back born of the civilian development lives, this meeting was narrating by the chairman of the civil institute Mr. Khalid Jama Qodah, Mr. Qodah told to those Mayors and deputes each to take notice since this meeting is very crucial eras debates which is the root of the civilian service that is due to covered as well as they meet it as fully positively by their elected Municipality leaders “i would all of you to have taken your notes since this meeting is very important” Khalid Qodah.

“Today we are here to discuss the budget of the local Governments  in the coming year of the 20202 and its main important to come gather to adjust this institute leadership to the above points and also its honorable to us being here” Khalid Qodah head of the civil service institute whose newly appointed for this position as he back home from UK Diaspora.

Thus the Mayor of Hargeisa and also holding the chairing of the Algasal Abdi-Karim Ahmed Moge has officially opened this Somaliland Mayor’s meeting and he honored those far gust members like deputies of Zaila, Laas-anod and Burao  delegating their regions and this is what he remarked “today its more pleasure as am head of this meeting as long as the mayor of Hargeisa city and saying to you warmly welcome you to the city of Somaliland Hargeisa and the meeting is of officially is open now” Mayor Moge.

The Mayor of Hargeisa mentioned that there will be more digested issues by the municipality Mayor delegates, the labor training institute along with the director General Ministers “I hope from our this delicious meeting will stand point on more and other gust honors will exhibit touchable and fruitful ideas at our meeting” he added

Mohamed Ahmed is the Mayor of Borama who’s delegating his Awdal region at this meeting and he told that he is willing from this gathered conference with the Municipalities will be supported with what they have had as their former meetings “I hope here we will have more benefitable and drastically given support what we have had in our past meetings” Mayor of Borama.

General Activity Ministry is playing main potential role in this sectorial as the civil service institute director Mr. Khalid Jama Qodah said at his welcoming to that Ministry D.G Mr Jamal Abdi-muse having said his word at this meeting “as you are aware of all the whole activity ministry is playing main role in this issues and now am calling direct general to Mr. Jamal to has his remarkable words “ on behave of my general activity ministry as general director hopefully here today we will digest the above point issues which each of us is ready to take part as very active participation and the point we will stand on includes the local municipality budget of the 2022 year and also to look down the authorization document of the local government legislation and other of main points” Jamal Abdi Muse, the director general of the general activity ministry.

As the mayors have gave their lectures, the head of the organizer institute of the Local Government Legislation Mr Iid Muse and his office team has presented a document slides which was looking down to emphasize those official’s remarking statements and also following up what had been reached at their former meetings.

After all these done the media group have been given notice to pull out in the conference meeting hall articulating there will be some of the inside discussion that is not media to be witnessed “you the the media guys after this official briefing and open words you will be out during the inside discussion and later on the closing time you will be called” chairman of LGLI Iid Muse.





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