Eritrea’s Afwerki lands in Sudan as US special envoy heads to the Horn of Africa

Eritrea’s Afwerki lands in Sudan as US special envoy heads to the Horn of Africa
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Tuesday May 4, 2021


KHARTOUM (HOL) – Eritrea’s President Isaias Afwerki arrived in Sudan Tuesday afternoon as the newly appointed special envoy for the Horn of African Jeffrey Feltman made way into the restive region.

Information Minister Yemane Meskel said in a tweet the Red Sea nation president was received by ‘the President of Sudan’s Sovereign Council, Gen. Abdel Fatah al Burhan, Foreign Minister al-Sadiq al-Mahdi, & other senior Sudanese officials and dignitaries.’

The visit by Afwerki to Sudan coincided with the planned visit of Feltman to the Horn of Africa region. State Department announced Monday Feltman would be visiting Egypt, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Sudan.

The State Department says the visit will run from May 4 to 13th of this month, noting the envoy will meet key leaders in the region.

The department did not, however, indicate which country the envoy would land first.

“Special Envoy Feltman will hold meetings with officials from the respective governments as well as the United Nations and the African Union. He will also meet with a range of political stakeholders and humanitarian organizations..”

The visit, the State Department added, underscores the U.S. government’s commitment to ‘to lead a sustained diplomatic effort to address the interlinked political, security, and humanitarian crises in the Horn of Africa, and he will coordinate U.S. policy across the region to advance that goal.’

Sudan has had frosty relations with its neighbour Ethiopia in recent months following its re-occupation of Berkat Norain, which had been under Ethiopian control for years.

Eritrea sent in troops to support the Ethiopian administration in the ongoing fighting in the Tigray region.


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