Somalia Prime Minister Welcomed The Joint Statement of Hirshabelle And Galmudugg


Mogadishu (SH)- The Two Parallel Regional States 0f Hirshabelle and Galmudugg have issued today that they jointed the former international calls that Somali Politicians to back to the talks in Afisone Shelter and discuss their differences to rescue Somali Antony. The two Parallel of regional autonomy with Somali Federal Government told that in press release which they issued to gather in Mogadishu that the only solution of this critical situation can be to back to the 17 December deal.

The Hirshabelle and Galmudugg also have urge to the federal Government to conceal for its nation interest and back to the shelter talks in Afisone and they expressed that no extension for the Government institutions as the expired MPs already have extended two years to the Government lead by Mohamed Abdullaahi Farmajo.

“We agreed that the country should hold elections as soon as possible and that any form of extension should be abolished,” they said in their press release statement. And the other hand the Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Rooble endorsed that two Autonomies annunciation and he called for the rest Autonomies and the whole of Somali well wishers to wake up for their unity to rescue their Somali Nation future.

“I welcome the press release from Hirshabelle and Galmudug. I expect other federal member states to support this initiative.

“I am calling on stakeholders to support the election and condemn and any actions that would undermine the process.” told Rooble.





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