Al-shabab Claimed The Heavy Shelling Fired On Villa Somalia


Mogadishu (SH)-The Somali Insurgency Group of Al-Shabaab has claimed they were behind the at least three heavy shells which today have been fired on the Somalia Presiding plaza which totally not leaved death of souls according to their main targeting, that was to destroyed and kill more.

The International news agencies says another heavy shelling happened on IDPs center on Boondheere district and at least 3 people have died while there are another casualties behind that Al-shabaab fired heavy shells during the holy Ramadaan month which is given full respect in the Islamic views.

another sources relating to the Somalia says the AMISOM war helicopters bombed to Alshabaab areas and killed at least 14 as its quoted form the middle shabeelle governor Mr. Abudlkadir Momahed Siidi “yes we are here confirming that the Amisom war plane has waged that air attacks to those terroristy Al-shabaab groups who recently re organizing some districts in the areas” Abdulkadir Mohamed Siidi.


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