Mogadishu’s Situation Is Camp after Fear Smock up Sadik John,s Regrouping Gungs


Mogadishu (SH)-The City of Somalia Mogadishu’s situation is feeling full camp after last night the Hodan district residents felts more relating that the former Banadir Police commander Sadik Omar who days ago all his ranks have been removed by the out going President of Somalia Mohamed Abdullaahi Farmajo, after he accused of he had jumped out the Police ethics and he politicized his position and because he deliberately interfered what is not his delegated.

The Former Police commander has oriented group clan gungs and other armed ranks following he stagnation from all his rank positions by the out going President of Somalia accusing of the above points of the Government extension of another two years of staying at the power, which more is opposed included the position leaders.

Clan Supporters alleged with that Sadik John has the right to organize a groups of supporters and they are standing up with him because the Mr. Farmajo now has no right to wage like this power authority since his legitimate time of power has already finished since last 8 February in 2021.

Therefore civilians has felt somehow new clashes might coming while there was somehow attack attempts to that former Stagnated commander by the pro government heavy armed and that is created more fears to the civilians and caused more families to remember in 1990s which leaved this time of 2021.

However now the City is feeling normal as it was and every thing related that issue has normalized because the Government convinced to pull out back to wage attacks to that former of Banadir region police commander Sadik Omar John’s case, after the region of Galmudugg president Mr. Qoor-qoor has mediated to the both sides and the situation is now subsided and those families who fled from their homes now has returned to their homes with full peace feeling.


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