Girls Hub A warded Its Third Batch of 100 Student Girls Who Have Trained for Women Make up, Arts and House Decoration


Hargeisa (SH)-100 Girls have been given award certificates for their being finished a short course training of make up, house decoration and the arts, a beautiful and well organized ceremony honoring those Girl graduated students was held at Maan-soor Hotel, early morning all graduated students have taken their seats as well uniformed for with yellow scarf and black vile preparing for given awards.

At the beginning Naima Faisal is the general director of Somaliland Girls Hub  had the open words and she told a time ago first starting enrollment 6 student and only one teacher and after paying more efforts and years after now the center has celebrating its third batch given today one 100 Girls their certificates “first we started with only 6 students and one teacher and this is the third batches and now we have 162 girls students and 6 teachers” Naima Faisal the director of Somaliland Hub Girls.

Mrs. Naima also mentioned her center produces a well skilled students with Women make up, house beautification and other arts of science “our center not produces not only the above points but also we do related other professional skills our cultural roots in different angles” Naima Faisal.

The general director of the welfare and the family affairs Abdurrashid Ibrahim has figured out that as the director of that Ministry will stand with the center of Girls Hub and he father more gave flatter to the top administration of this Girls Hub center and this is what he remarked ” here am given thankful to the center of Girls Hub and here to the banner board we don’t see and given supported agency and other institution but only for their won selves and i say that is another honor of this Hub Girls Center” Abdirashiid Ibrahim.

Mohamed Hujjale (Hello Maydh) is one of the top rank police officials and in differently he gave encouragement to those graduated students to keep their cultural positions along with their religious pillars “today its may especial pleasure because of i was born with 12 Girls and that is may lucky pleasure for that reason am somehow given celebration with Naima and her Somaliland Girls Hub team center” Ranker Mohamed Hujjale.

Abdirisak Bashiir who was behaving on the Candlelight charity organization had his congratulation to those graduated student and their head admin for reached this precious day and released as evidence in Germany the most loved and developed skills are the hand skills because those University student graduates now more of them are setting back hands in their home without jobs but who lent the hand skills are always in jobs therefore here i given you highly to develop your hand skills” Mr. Bashiir.

Hana Baashe was the honored of the graduated student Girls and she more and with deliciously spoken on the stage as well as feeling high emotional tension for her moment  valued stage “here i want to give thank to our highly valued teachers and the admin of Somaliland Girls Hub and may intimate class mates” Hana Bashe.

One of the former graduated students had her sharing remarks on this certification ceremony “here what am saying today is that am too happy with you as i was the second batch of Girls Hub and indeed what i want to give you encouragement not to set back your hands but more to seek ambition and culmination”

She added “as was the second batch and earned thankbale hand skills in Girls Hub also i have developed to may other professions but highly am dreaming to step forward to struggle more earning to father knowledge and, attitude and skills which are the generally come parties of the measure “Hana Bashe.

At the end part of those given certificates along with their teachers have been given award certificates both honoring and earned skills by the director of the welfare and the Family affairs and the ranker Mohamed Hujjale narrating with the Girls Hub director Mrs. Naima Faisal.

Amal is one of the Girls Hub teachers especially the Woman’s Make up and she had briefed  emotional words on the stage which was touchable heart alters “today am feeling with more happens to share with your memorable day and at the coming future i hope to see you more developed and see you well skilled team who giving more contribution to your social needs” she said.

finally all rest of the graduated students have been honored to their earned certificates and the cameras were seeing more capturing the colorful student’s hanging up with their handing over certificates.



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