Two Regional Neighbors: Canfar And Somali Are Waging Hard Fight In City Region


International News (SH) The Somali and Canfar Regions are fighting each other in the City Region of Somali State Regional in Ethiopia since last week, these two regions have their chronic hostilities since era.

The reports which is being released by the international agencies says interviewing with elders of Regional City Hajji Hassan and he mentioned that  there is a number of dead bodies and also more injuries both sides Somalis and their counterpart Canfar “me i can tell you what is going is canfar,s land extension and because they want to loot our land and we will not endure provocation” Hajii Hassan said.

Hajji Hassan mentioned there is a lot of casualties so fare but he hesitated to give mote clarification relating this today fight “the war has stated this morning at the early time and yet its going of as two regional fighters are exchanging but the case of military casualties are secret and its for the military to give details” Hajji Hassan added that.

This report is only one side source and the side of Canfar yet not pleaded any source to give details either the Somali side source is true or fake no independent sources yet found.

There is another huge problems which the residents of those neighbors regions are dealing with a hard draughts which hits the most Africa regions but seriously damaged eastern Ethiopia and Somalia which yet leaved more souls and a lot of life animals “we have another draught problems because already animals started to die and now the old people and the pregnant Woman have started to day for malnutrition and other disease that caused by the draughts and we need more and quick helping” Hajji Hassan told.

Its not the first time that Somali and Canfar to fought  there but since recent years there were like this accidents as ethnic clannism roots which basically is the land extension quarrel between those neighbor regions, and yet no touchable resolution done by both the regional states and the federal State of Ethiopia.


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