A Four Days Validation Workshop On Amendment of PFM and Anti-corruption Laws No 75/2016 Ended At Maan-soor Hotel


Hargeisa (SH)-A Three day Validation Workshop on Amendment of Public finance Management (PFM) act (law no: 75/2016) and law on the prevention of the misappropriation of public assets and combating corruption (law no. 38/2007 has come  closing by its main discussions its past three days activities by both officials, open speeches and the split group digesting has gone targeting its first two days the amendment the act law No: 75 and the prevention of misappropriation of the public assets, while the meeting is finalizing and giving consideration on the corruption issues to eradicate or at least to mitigate a lot miss using as well as it could.

Today is the end of the 4 days’ workshop activities, a members of legal experts and Somaliland law familiars are waging this workshop who counts as they are the top of the law leaders Hassan and Abdi-hakim, along with the top financial experts form the PFM and the Financial Ministry.

Before the come closing this 4 days activities of this workshop there has been deeply and profoundly of groups discussions “the group one till yesterday and last night we were reading and one by one articles and we found that 90/80 percent its ok and also it should be summitted to 15 July to 2021 because at that time you may have the outcome of the total budget of the year” Abdullaahi Mowlid form the planning department of the financial Ministry who was representing that group one.

Abdullaahi Mowlid has mentioned that there is a some government institutions who got sometimes over $15 Millions of Dollars including its year planned budget “we know that there was a steering committee which me and Hassan we were part of that meeting committee which two committee were coined we found that there are some government agencies gets over $15 Millions of Dollars over its allocated of the year budget” Mowlid Abudlaahi.

Hassan Hussein form the national planning Ministry including that group one has added min detailed points “me am delegating the other stockholder, Ministries as the national planning and therefore we has a concerns about the national budget planning because also our international financial funds are too concerns how the national budget planning is only prepared by the financial Ministry” Hassan Hussein.

“Always there are different fund categories including the project funds” Group 2 presenter Ibrahim who was behaving on the World Bank office in Somaliland and also other participants have their comments on that issue of the budget management  year ” Mr Ahmed Nor from Somaliland National Audit office pronging his presentation details he suggested that total authority of the Financial Minister to handling the national budget coining is not applicable to the international budget ethics and it should be thrown or at least to be reviewed on as especially

” i would suggest that the surplus of the budget year should not be included into the second year budget because if that is happened there will be miss conduction and budget abuse” Muse Idigaa from the PFM department.

At least 30 people from a different governmental agencies such 1-Ministry of Finance 2- Ministry of National planning 3- the general Audit office 4-the solicitor office 5- and the general Attorney office have actively anticipated from begging to the ending and the discussion and debates were gone on professionally and educational system.

Main articles of that act law no: 75 and 2016 critically were stood on and debated its contingency details including the financial Minister power and role of the general Audit office into the national planning budget “what it would the general Audit Authority is he charged by the Financial Minister or he can is independent form the Minister and he can Audit to the Minister? Lawyer Abdi-hakim from the PFM team and also working the General Audit office.

“is it needed to establish a center for an independent Account which belongs to the Government to make up graded to the skills of the Accountant department of Somaliland sector so we  need to agree one way” said the lawyer Abdi-hakim who was the facilitator of that workshop and finally 9 members named as the review committee to digest some articles which needed more review amendments and recaps to meet at the next week.





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