The Modern Telecommunication Company Of Somtel Has Officially Launched Ceremony Of The Shareholders


Hargeisa (SH)- The Modern Telecommunication and the most powerful Somtel has lunched today  its new shareholders  officially in a high level ceremony at the most large hall for the event at Gulaid Hotel, that shares ceremony its own professional preparation and more than 300 hundred delegates anticipated both owners (Dahabshiil and Somtel) leaders and the new shareholders, The President of Dahabshiil Groups Mohamed Saed Duále, President of Somaliland Muse Bihi Abdi, Government, the general CEO of Dahabshiil Groups Abdurrashid Mohamed Saed Duale, rank officials, business sectors, another honor gusts including the religious groups and the youth leaders.

Abdurrashid Mohamed Saed has gave details about the process of the shareholder’s process and he told this shareholder system is the first in Somaliland and whole Somalia and this is what remarked “today its honorable for me to stood here and first greeting to the Somaliland President Musa Bihi Abdi and may Father who is the founder and the General director of all Dahabshiil Groups whos may Father Mohamed Saed Duale and the rest of the honorable gusts including the mayors, religious groups, youths and the Women and any other sectors whom came here for us thank you for your attending with us” Adurrashid Duale.

Mr. Duale told Somtel which has been coined since 11 years ago was family business but that don’t mean share not its schedule but the general director Mohamed Saed was waiting till the company of Somtel become matured and stronger having full capacity that can enabled it to open shareholders “since Somtel has coined 11 years ago the director general was scheduling once in the time like this today  to reach its open doors to the whole Somalis to take their shareholders” Abdurrashid Duále

Mr. Duale also mentioned that Somtel already has well covered the communication and the fast internet service at the whole territory of Somaliland and Somalia from the border of Djibouti to the far border town of Mandera with Kenya, which mainly society of that long distance territory residents are dealing with smoothness and feeling happy serviced “Somtel today is happy that it covered already the service needs of the people from Saylac to Kismayo” Abdurrashid Duale.

“We know that some people saying why this shareholder wouldn’t be done before but let me tell you that reason we delayed till today and because of the general director Mohamed Saed had waiting till the company can be stronger and having enable of economy and luckily it comes its needed time of today” Abdurrashid Duale.

The Somaliland Religious group leader Sheikh Abdullaahi Ali Jowhar witnessed that its another of greater day to the whole Dahabshiil Groups especially Somtel for this golden opportunity it has Pavey way for the shareholders to take their new shares with Somtel ” bravely am here here declaring that its a great and golden opportunity for Dahabshiil especially to Somtel and i an you know for Allah that Dahabshiil and Somtel are helpful to the whole Society of Somalis and taken its main role to the needed time and today its another major benefits of all of us  if Somtel give us chance to become its shareholders”

Garaad Jama one of the prominent of the cultural leaders mentioned and convicted that Somtel with Dahabshiil role was already known by the adults and the teenagers either remittance and the faster speed of its internet but today its another of thankbale day for Somtel and its director Mohamed Saed Duale for his thought that he decided to open shareholders for the Society.

The chairman of  Somaliland Chamber Commerce Jamal Aideed fully endorsed that Somtel to enlarge its shareholders and open to the society to have take their enrollment to have shares with Somtel and he gave thanks to the Dahabshiil groups led by their founder Hajji Mohamed Saed for their exhibition this shareholder enlargement and also figured out that era and now yet Dahabshiil to gather with Somtel are the business firm leaders and pay their touchable roles when the social needs knocked at the doors “all we have familiar with the Dahabshiil and Somtel roles when the needs came in differently angle sides they are the first payers and helpful to the nation needs but today this is a wonderful step forward and it can lead us to get more developed of contemporary business civilized” Jamal Aideed

The Rival party chair leaders Waddani and Ucid  has congratulated Somtel Company for its owner enlargement and opening shares to the whole Somali where ever they are, at the look side Mr. Warabe told part of the era history of the founder of Dahabshiil Mohamed Saed Duale and the first day he saw he was driving a old fashion of pick up TOYOTA while Dahabshiil only was working as the name of Remittance near its establishment 40 years ago “the first time i saw Mohamed Saed Duale he was driving an old Toyota (Xaajiyo khamsiinn) and some body told me that car diver is Mohamed Saed Duale “Faisal Ali Warabe.

Ucid chairman added “since that Dahabshiil was working as the family business oriented but recently he become as an international level since his business (Dahabshiil and Somtel) whole reached in east and west, south and north in Africa and more rest in the world ” he added “Hajji Mohamed Saed started his business in the ground as small remittance and now he reached whole the world and become as an international man”

Ucid chairman consulted with the other Companies to step follow to the way Dahabshiil and Somtel serving to the people “i would like to recommend to the rest business firms to follow up Dahabshiil and Somtel and deliver their services to the social needs” Ucid Political Party Chairman Faisal Ali Warabe.

The Waddani Rival party Chairman Abdurrahman Mohamed Abdurllahi Cirro also underlined that is owner enlargement done by Somtel is the main important step forward and already needed to do but he altered “Dahabshiil and Somtel used to donate and answer the social needs when it  needed with generosity and today its another endorsable opportunity for the people of Somaliland to open shareholders”

Waddani chairman also  has mentioned that it was a gig thankbale chance for Dahabshiil groups to brought country the Hyundai luxury cars and he linked this shareholder enlargement to that Hyundai open ceremony and it was very highly endorsement evet when an interested ceremonial event i have invited with the President Musa Bihi which was very honorable and this today this shareholder enlargement event is “historic and too delicious” Abdurrahman Cirro.

The Communication Minister Abdiwali Suufi has warmly endorsed that shareholder enlargement of Somtel to opened its doors to the wholes Somalis not foreigners and he pointed out its wistful mind which can reached the country to look ahead into the developing way of modern communication system, that can turned eyes of the world to Somaliland development “really this shareholder enlargement can be part of our country is going to step forward and shares with rest of the world civilized service because the contemporary  world economy has started from telecommunications and professionally delivered service to the people”

The founder of Dahabshiil and the director of Dahabshiil Groups Mohamed Saed Duale strongly has emphasized the wider capacity of  Somtel has reached its full power and now its time to be opened to the whole of Somalis and this is what he remarked “as Abdurrashid mentioned Somtel shareholders was already to be opened but it was delaying by me and what i waiting i was camel holder (for his young time) and because the camel mot milked till its breaking  more milk like for that i was pending it until the company of Somtel reaches its like today” Mohamed Saed  Duale director of Dahabshiil Groups.

The General director of Dahabshiil Mohamed Saed told two other occasions of like this ceremony announcing of shareholder is live now in Mogadishu and Garawe “what i want add here is to inform you that another two occasion events are airing live like ours in Mogadishu and Garawe and i,am Sorry for may not seated with all and giving you apologizing for may absent from Mogadishu and Garawe announcement event and from now am announcing that Somtel shareholders are open for all Somali speakers” Mohamed Saed Duale director of  Somtel and whole Dahabshiil Groups.

At the ending the founder and the general director had welcomed the President Musa Bihi Abdi to the podium and the President firstly thanks to all Dahabshiil Groups especially Somtel for its share enlargement to the society and he mentioned this shareholder enlargement is another chance given to the society by Somtel he told “all we knew and learned from Dahabshiil and Somtel for their touchable roles in the social needs and this shareholder enlargement is another good chance for the people to have taken their shareholders with Somtel and its positively endorsable step forwarded” President Musa Bihi Abdi.

  finally 5 members of the shareholders whom were delegating to the rest of the new shareholders have been given certificates and each of them have shortly spoken at the handing over their certificates and they preciously exposed their feeling delicious “today we are feeling more and more excites to give us our proved certificates that from now we are shareholders with the Somtel” the precisely remarked these words and they also had taken to their signatures as they become new shareholders of Somtel.



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