Validation Workshop For Needs Assessment Of The Women Candidates


Hargeisa (SH)- Nagaad and Sonsaf held to gather a debate of the above title as “ validation Workshop for needs Assessment of the Women Candidates, that  validation workshop aims to represent what has been learned from short assessment done by two foreign Women from Australia with the current of Somaliland candidate Women concerns.

Approximately 30 Women who were looks like as they are willing or to have ambition were given more encouragement to not tiered to look after their candidate struggle by two Swedish Women Johanna Elgenius and Asa Nilsson Soderstrom Silic from Swedish International labral Center “we would have at the coming weeks for another two workshops which mainly will focus on to give you support as you are the Somaliland Candidate Women but when it coms to the voting and the faith we cannot do for you nothing” Asa Nilsson Soderstrom Silic.

“we know how to make campaigns and the way we can convince our audiences but the main obstacle we facing is the economic problems and what we need from you is to give us financial support because that is the reality critical we the candidates are facing now” Kiin Salah Hassan who is from Waddani Party from Erigavo Region

Also there was in the debate many suffering from those Women candidates both the major cultural concerns and the shortage of financial support “we the Women candidates have ambition for the participation of the political seats but we are facing taught cultural barriers” one of those running for the political seats.

” i was a person who has been thing since for a long time once to run for this candidation and fortunately my clan unanimously approved  me to delegated  me this time to run as their nominee runner since am social worker and helper those especial needs and living with the mentally health i have more confident to won” Fatima Amran Bile Nor Ali said

 Those Women Candidates have well experienced for the era and the current political game as explained by Dalais Farah Shire who  said “i am well known by all because i used era and now to help the vulnerable people and those illness mentally especially  in the far district Ceel-afweyn and always i distribute the  socially needs materials including Mosques equipment and the death body cloths” 

“you are new to me because its may first to met with Women Candidates but before i use to hear and see Mean Candidates because they are  very taught campaigners than you and that is why they won from us” said one social worker student who voluntarily contributed to give encouragement those Women Candidates. Fihima Abdi Omar.     

“we the Nagaad Umbrella we are always behind you and we will push you back to give you moral support to win your political goals but more is depend on your struggle and self organizing” Khadra from Nagaad Umbrella.

“At the Coming Workshops you will be splitty into three groups and each will have their own video clips and you will present as each of you what you have documented your self telling us and to the other people what you are and what you are going to run for but from now we are departing to our homeland Sweden”  Johanna Elgenius.





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