Somaliland Lawyer,s Association General Assembly Elected A New Admin


Hargeisa (SH)-The Somaliland Lawyer’s Association of Solla have had a two days of General Assembly meeting debates and after tough debates has won to escape up with the major obstacles which earlier have seeming to make the again smock up the smoothness of the Conference so critical to jump out its critical division which since long has existed in the lawyers.

Since the yesterday when the conference Officially had opened  at Maan-soor Hotel the moon result was long  waiting to come an end with success and fruitable tasks, and fortunately everything has changed into the professional and wisely stage, while at this morning parties of the candidates have agreed upon to gather to concealed for only one candidate as Hassan Awale who lastly won unanimously to be elected as the coming three yeas of Somaliland Lawyer,s Association.

NB: More details with another photos is on the peep if Allah wills at the coming hours


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