The Ministry of Commercial Held Firm Enterprise Law Consultative Meeting Workshop


Hargeisa (SH)-The Ministry of Commercial development holds one day consultative meeting of the enterprise regulatory draft workshop which has took place at Maan-soor Hotel.

Mr. Ibrahim the narrator of this workshop early has noted to the participants who were delegated from number of the local enterprise companies to enhance their attitude and benefits form this meeting lectures and presentation during the hours it might lasting “before the Minister come we noting you deeply to open your attitude and have more attention to benefits this too important consultative workshop” he said that.

“This document lied down on your tables is well pointing a lot of articles which you may bearing yin your maid and later on will be presented by the consult solicitors but you have to read it whole both its English and Somali parties and underline if you found there any mistake to correct to gather and leave with joint health mind and fit document” he added.

The narrator has called Mr. Barkhad who is one of the sectorial directors and he told that this new draft is come from number 80/2018 which is fully detailing this enterprise regulation draft “what am telling you here is this new draft is from the draft of 80/2018”

Abdeeq is the director general of the Commercial Ministry and he believes this enterprise law is very important than before and he justified it that any local enterprise which is located in Somaliland will enabled to have access to easily enrolled with the Commercial Ministry and then given its license by the modern system of the online and this is what he had remarked on the stage “ is consultative meeting is to have debates in our today hours this draft law of the enterprise regulatory because this modern world of is moving into the Digitalization and E-government system” director general.

The director of Somtel Communication enterprise Abdi Nasir had preciously endorsed this meeting and told that he behaving on his Somtel Company endorsing this hours debate meeting and he told “today I’m very happy to be with you and on behaving on Somtel Company too endorsing this consultative workshop” prolonging his stage speech he added “as we are the enterprises we are ready to take our touchable contribution to this new draft of the enterprise law and its regulatory system” Mr. Nasir positively hoped to the Small business and the big companies this new law will enhance them both regulation system and to get more income ” i hope this new enterprise law will enhance our both small and the big companies sine they can enroll by online any time staying on their offices” Somtel Director.

Ali Mohamed AJab the public relation of the Telesom company told that recently he tried to register a new firm in his own and he face more obstacles and he needs if he knew this newly initiative office of the Enterprise ” recently i have tried to establish my own business firm and face a lot obstacles but i knew this office it wouldn’t happened to me what had what i have had” and it will be finished in short time than weeks i was rushing after it Ali Ajab.

Ibrahim is the director of the Chamber of the business and he believes this enterprise law will connect and make come close between the firms and the Government and also firms them selves  will will get more ambitions “i believe this firm law will come to gather firms and the Government and also its more benefitable for the firms, and i would say to the Government to finalize any needs from the business firms to the Government” Ibrahim director of the chamber of commerce.

Fatima is one of the sectorial directories especially head of management sector and she emphasized too that is consultative workshop was needed to be held before but just it comes at the time needs and suitable  “this enterprise law was to be done before but at the needs time and hopefully its good for all of us ” Mrs. Fatima.

  The Commercial Minister Mr. Mahamoud Sajin underlined the important of this E-government law firm to the Somaliland local firms because he mentioned this modern world business movement it depends on like this E- government of enterprise law firms “this modern world business movement and its highly development developed only this E-government enterprise regulation of draft law” Minister of Commercial development.


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