9 Of Alshabab Militias Dead By an Ambush Waged By The Somali Forces


Qasnsah-dheere (SH) At least 9 members of Alshabab Militias were killed and other 11 have injurer after the Military forces made ambushed to those being killed while they was trying to wage an attack which against to the Somali Military forces, but fortunately the Military intelligence were aware of that Alshabab is waging an huge attack and before they their attack operation Military has done its Ambush and kill at least 9 prominent figures of Alshabab as quoted from the Qansahdheere district deputy head Mr Abdirisaq Abdi Ibrahim who told to the Anadolu Agency this news.

“We were aware their attack by our intelligent and that is why we have done this ambush attack to those Militias” Abdirisaq Abdi Ibrahim said. yet no other sources including the Alshabab sides either denying or confirming.



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