Somali Politicians Reached Peaceful Deal Hours Before The Fearful Demonstration


Mogadishu (SH)-The Somali Expired Government has reached a very important and peaceful deal with its oppositional political party leaders who united “council of Presidential candidates last before yesterday night, this deal has cooled heats of millions of Somali people whom were finger liver with with fearful between the opposition and the Government which is relating the vacuum caused the expiration of the 4 years mandatory of the federal Government led by Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmo, who failed to foot step follow his former legacy.

Also this peace deal of Somali politicians got headache to the All enemies of Somalia either in local like the political spoilers or they are outside of the sea, like Kenya and Emarat, that follows after the prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Rooble took meeting with the candidate council leaders in his plaza office at the Mogadishu City of Somalia and discussed with them to deescalate and subside the current smocking up situation and lie down all tough arguments and both sides come down to the nation’s interest but not to insist their own political interests.

A very fortunately and endorsable with commend understanding each has exposed to the other side to come down to the reality and forget more flammable words and finally agreed upon main points which leads the country to skip up the under fearfulness which enemies of the country were very happy to see again that heavy shales started up again in the City of Mogadishu but the almighty Allah skipped Somalia and made that very delicious to all Somalis and any whom likes peace and prosperity with free Somali nation “Thanks to the Almighty Allah who accessed and enabled us to sit down with my brothers (opposition leaders) and pay regrets what had happened 19 February 2021″sid that Mohamed Hussein Rooble the Prime Minister of Somalia.

“Thanks to Allah as you aware of last night we come down to gather and reached peaceful deal we the council of the Presidential election candidates and the Prime Minister and i would like to inform our people to remember for their having a government which gives them kinds but that don’t mean we the oppositions to concealed or give up our demand demonstration and have to call that constitution should be kept” former President Sheikh Shariif Sheikh Ahmed.

On the other side day after the Government has issued a press release which many potential points were mentioned including that Villa Somalia “we are very sorry and here apologizing to the whole effected and violated persons in both sides” the Mass anti government has postponed and pushed back into the coming weeks but the security will be kept by the Government forces.


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