Open Letter To My Cousins Clan Ogaden (Especially Reer Abdille)

Every one cannot be Politician or cannot feeds the Politics,and also every body cannot copy well the tight rope closed and sweet and colored of the fox deceives words in which of the Somali State regional officials are dealing with their Fiqi-Omar counterpart, but only intellectuals and the well educators can play the game with them, who can coin tit for tit and like their new change hats.
From the first President of Somali regional State since 1993 up to this current presiding Mustafa Mohumed Omar have only one political vision to words Fiqi-Omar clan rights and also their political power sharing which each President has handed over his legacy to the his next president which says “you have to hide under your shoes all rights and the power sharing of the Fiqi Omar clan”
Either you believe or not that is the Reality face of my biological Mother clan policy words to my biological father clan Fiqi-Omar their existing as like as they live, which they have a fully righteous as like humanly as Ogaden has like that Fiqi-Omar clan has same rights to leave on the State lands, because god is the only Mayor who has power to give the land to equally both Fiqi-Omar and Ogaden clans, but who gave Ogaden the power legitimacy of the Somali Regional State or who inaugurated them to be the Mayor of the god,s land?
But you my biological Mother clan politicians,intellectuals,business men,educators,religious leaders,Woman and Youth or majority of you are drowning long bow and are walking on dark hols,because they are dreaming in a day light,because Fiqi-Omar who they want to jumped out are more aware of and are very stay up, and if your night mayor mapped you you can derogate those Fiqi-Omar clan rights really that totally foolishness and idiots ,so let both societies to leave and life to gather as equally otherwise soul is only one and no one has two soul pars.
And one thing is remember-able You my Abtiyaal (cousins) bear in mind that Fiqi-Omar clans today are very peaceful and religious people,and never ever violated to you since ever you have been there to gather until they violated and today they are fed up with your fox policy and less fruitful promising which is only the moth words and that day table,and already they are well familiar with you animosity, but today they are ready victory (peacefully to share with you wale, grass and the political power sharing) or to day away from the over soil) thus you have to consider the certainty civilization century which we are in 2020, and also the Fiqi-Omar clans are freedom fighters and self defenders, so let them be a live and leave as you want to leave and live and give the fully respect as they are deserve.
Therefore soul and property need to get position on the earth and there is no human being can be a live without staying on position on the earth of god, so why do you thought this land is only belongs to you?and and where you from this cheep idea to dominate the earth of the good without sharing wit the other Somali Regional State clans? is it gods revealed from the sky on to you? don,t tell a lie your self, no once given as gift this earth of the God but its given only who make it production either he or she is Muslim or christian, black or white.
Another point is you are ignoring the constitution of the Country which enshrined every of Ethiopian he or she Muslim or Christian or whatever he is has a fully right to leave and live in Ethiopia where ever he needs. Why don,t you talk the Somali State soils which is verge of to be handed over from the hands of Somalis by another Ethiopian clans whom are day after day moving to the State regions hugely and near decades going to displace us wand want finally to Oramiazed us as they did us before like Babili, Drie Dawa and Herar and my fears that even Jigjiga is going to leaved our Somali hands at the coming years if its moves ahead as its now moving.
We are on transparent world in which nothing can be hidden either its a bad or good, especially whatever said by Somalis even secretly finally it should be know by others soon or later, therefore during while Mustafa Cagjar,s domination there was a big meeting conference held by my cousin Ogaden elites and whole politicians,business including the main cultural leaders which took place in Nairobi last year if am not wrong, and the behind aim of that conference had two objectives 1- wast to give aware whole Ogaden people unit their minds and properties, to over come with Fiqi-Omar clans, and other thing has given tittle was given what they named to wage war attack “the return back of the Ogaden lost sovereignty and the ethnicity massacring of the Fiqi-Omar society on the Somali State region”
The wide animosity that my cousin clans have to my Fiqi-Omar clans far long depth, and its base point is that Fiqi-Omar clans to pend down their head to the Ogaden violations to them which it means “totally Fiqi-Omar clans have no right to stay at with Ogaden and leaved out on the earth of the Somali State region otherwise they should be rights derogated in both soul and property by forcefully, which is totally against to the human rights and equality rights as they are same clan or huge than Ogaden in accordance with the depth spaces of Fiqi-Omar clan in east Africa.
You my cousins let the wise work please and  think gently, because we are in a century that no even one person cannot accept to be colonized, therefore you have gt in touch with the modern world civilizations and be back ward to the barbaric times.
Another important thing is we are one blended family who birthed each other and we cannot showed back side each other,therefore you have to wisely think and the blood brotherhoods, because Ogaden and Fiqi-Omar clans are locating on one place and god settled them to gather since ever human kind created by the God and its not our selection to be on the earth as neighborhoods but its god,s selection, because he is the only mayor of the whole world and he has the fully legitimacy of the supremacy, so my cousins don,t violate god,s earth and than god lose with you if you not repent to Allah because you claimed the ownership of his earth powers.
My conclusion both societies of Aw (Fiqi-Omar) and Ogaden ever were leaving to gather brotherhood and common coherence either its grass or the wall fetch and also they are sons and their parents and they are in deed need by each other like as one family because who ever dies one side he or she dies both sides because we are close relatives, so let us activate our wises and lead our societies to leave with peaceful atmosphere brotherhoods and work to gather to develop our people,s live and education, and stand up to gather to compete with our neighbor societies, who already hit us back and leads their peoples peaceful leaves and good developed progress sustainable development goal (SDG)
And really its a very painful and regrettable in 2020 date that our Somali State people are busty for nothing hostility and perpetual meaningless fighting each other while other neighborhood clans are busy for their leave guards and their soul protections, and its shame on you your hostility to reached you to what you have 3 days ago in Raaso district when your illegal armed militias barbarically opened fire on very innocent Woman and Children who,s were peacefully demonstrating and they had a tight to do so, according the Ethiopian Constitution and also the international charter law,including the Islamic Sharia law. 
1-my Fiqi-Omar clans you have be patient and don,t loss your endures and you have companion with your patient and tolerance.
2-you have to have the best dealing your neighborhood Ogaden clans since you religious people and well endowment educators than your Ogaden counterpart, although i know you did it more than enough since last century, because Ogaden is your brothers and sister as well as your their brothers and sister. thus each part of you has born  another part and ever you were mixed and who ever last you will be mixed, because god shared you to live to gather on the earth in one sector.
By: Hadiis


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