Breaking news:Somali Federal Parliament rid off The Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre


Mogadishu (SH)-The Somalia,s Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre has been over through by the federal MPs led by the speaker of the Parliament along with his office, has unexpectedly came on today meeting of the Parliament MPs.

Since this political accident had happened today in Somalia, somehow it become shocking for most of the Somalis especially who were his flatters and the situation of Somalia seems to falling down into what the last years more political analyzers see that this Farmajo,s government is mostly survived to follow the former Somali Governments,s behavior of political anarchism and it will ends its full time of legitimacy with following to gather by the President and his first Minister Hassan Ali Khayre without clashing between the leaders of the country.

However this political accident has come suddenly and the Prime Minister has voted to go by 170 and only 8 MPs were opposed which become horrified to the Somali people today and other hand after the Prime Minister is being quickly overthrow the President Mohamed Farmajo issued the acceptance letter of ousting the Prime Minister.


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