Why Canada failed to win a seat on the Security Council


Any serious candidate for one of ten rotating seats on the un Security Council will have to schmooze. Before the pandemic Canada entertained ambassadors to the un with a concert in New York by Celine Dion, a French-Canadian singer. Ireland induced u2, a rock band from Dublin, to give its candidacy a plug from the stage. Lacking globally famous pop stars, Norway spent Nkr2m ($210,000) on a travelling exhibition promoting its “contribution to African liberation”.

They were competing for two seats on the un’s main decision-making body, which has five permanent members with vetoes, including the United States and China. On June 17th un member states chose Norway and Ireland. Their two-year terms begin in January 2021. Canada, which has more people and a larger economy than both put together, fell 20 votes short of Ireland in the secret ballot. Economist.com



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